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Choose Dr. Paresh Doshi for the Best Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery in India

DBS is the most common surgical remedy for Parkinson’s however it is not for anybody. It is usually done in people who have had Parkinson's for at least four years and still get a benefit from medication but have motor complications, such as significant "off" time and/or dyskinesia. DBS generally works exceptional to lessen motor symptoms like stiffness, slowness and tremor. It would not work as well for imbalance, freezing while walking or non-motor signs and symptoms. DBS may even exacerbate thinking or memory problems so it's not recommended for people with dementia.

Why Dr. Paresh Doshi is rated among top 10 neurosurgeons for DBS in India

He serves as a leading neurosurgeon at Jaslok Hospital Mumbai, combining years of medical expertise with state-of-the-art facilities that are backed by innovative technology. He strives to provide patients with compassionate, high quality care coupled with an exceptional level of patient satisfaction.  To perform this, he ensures that each affected person stays educated and knowledgeable about each medical choice available to them in addition to their recommended plan of remedy. He is board-certified neurologists combine years of experience with the latest technologies and therapies to deliver expert care for patients with DBS. His care has dedicated to treating patients like you, and you can trust him to find the most effective treatment for your specific circumstances.

Dr. Paresh Doshi holistic approach to neurological treatment

created on: 06/09/18

Dr Paresh Doshi has performed more than 500 DBS surgeries, two-thirds of them during the past four years. The patients have ranged in age from 18 to 86.  He doesn’t stop after simply diagnosing and treating his patients’ neurological disorders. He is diverse, experienced and top neurosurgeon in India to offer all-encompassing assistance, whether it’s by recommending a course of treatment or providing education on how to manage specific conditions. Furthermore, each remedy plan he offers is carefully tailored to satisfy the patient’s unique needs. Ultimately, his goal is to deliver innovative, effective solutions to his patients’ problems.


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Dr. Paresh Doshi a trusted source for neurosurgical procedures in India

He uses computer-assisted brain surgery, intraoperative MRI and awake brain surgery during deep brain stimulation. Knowing his patients well and understanding their complete story is incredibly important to him. Beyond providing the best surgical care he aims to help his patients and serve as advocates for them. He remains at the leading edge of brain imagery advances, key to the success of DBS treatment. Dr. Paresh Doshi top neurosurgeon at Jaslok Hospital Mumbai provides expert consultation and personalized treatment plans. He has been using minimally invasive procedure for more than a decade. He starts by using advanced imaging techniques to pinpoint the exact spot in the brain that is causing the problem.

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