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Seeking the Best surgeon for brain tumor surgery in India Middle East based patient returns home with a smile on his face

My name is Wahab Al Basil, I am from Qatar, I have been to Delhi to India for my brain surgery seeking the help of the best surgeon for brain tumor surgery in India. With time, I realized that I have a brain tumor in my hometown when I found out that things are not that rosy here and I have to find out an option abroad seeking the help of medical tourism company. For me getting the brain tumor surgery back at home was a lucrative option since it demanded huge amount of money giving me nothing but the best of the healthcare services. This became possible only due to the presence of medical tourism company in India otherwise; I felt it would remain only on the piece of paper. Things soon settled down and I was convinced that India is the only option for me since offered me affordable healthcare services seeking the help of Best surgeon for brain tumor surgery in India. 

created on: 09/25/18

In fact, it was my doctor only who suggested me to try medical tourism option leading to India. He was right in his recommendation as I found that this country has some of the best treatment options along with Best surgeon for brain tumor surgery in India. A huge investment has been taken in this place and more and more global patients are lured to the idea of getting medical treatment seeking affordable cost. Thus without wasting any more time, I started looking for solutions that can help me in settling things the best.  I found the way out seeking the help of a medical tourism company and knew that I had to struggle a lot to find out the best man for this job since there are many companies that are present in the market making things difficult. 

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But I was lucky enough to get the best group that promised me the best quality and most affordable healthcare services. The company was prompt in replying my emails and kept on handling my apprehensions and doubts with care and professionalism. Thus in no time, I came to know that this group is the best as it has one of the best hospitals and best surgeon for brain tumor surgery in India. So, when things worked out, I finally made my mind and gave my consent to the group. The next step for me was to apply for the media visa. But thanks to this group, they helped me to apply for the same and get it on time so that I can start my treatment for the brain tumor. The next moment I was in Mumbai for my surgery and was picked up by the company rep at the airport. 

The very same day I met my doctor once I got settled down in hotel and the new place. He is among the best surgeon for brain tumor surgery in India. With few tests, I was ready for the surgery and they operated me the next day itself as I was in a right shape to consider it. Since the best surgeon for brain tumor surgery in India was involved, I knew I had greater chances of survival and positive outcome. I was kept in ICU for a while and was monitored by Best surgeon for brain tumor surgery in India. So, when things were simple and encouraging, I was shifted to the general ward. Soon when my conditions were okay, I was discharged and allowed to take a flight back to home. I thank everyone including my doctor, hospital staff and my medical tourism company that helped me to make things simple for my life. Thank You all. 

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