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Dr Arvind Kulkarni’s Patient Ulrich Lombe Enjoys Life after Minimally Invasive Surgery in India

I feel great now — no more pain — wish I’d had the minimally invasive surgery with Dr Arvind Kulkarni top spine surgeon at Bombay Hospital in Mumbai earlier. I struggled off and on with the spine pain for nearly two years.

“Here I share my story so in June 2016, when my lower back started hurting after I twisted it at a party, I wasn’t that concerned at first.  I finally had an MRI that identified the problem — the scan showed degenerative discs between two sets of vertebrae and spinal stenosis — a condition in which the narrowing of the spine puts pressure on the nerves. One of the discs was bulging onto the sciatic nerve, causing me leg pain. I would need surgery to repair the discs and relieve the pressure, my doctor in Cameroon told me, and a bone fusion to shore up the two compressed vertebrae, restore proper spacing, and prevent further problems.

created on: 10/30/18

The idea of a bone fusion terrified me. I was scared because of what I had read online. Over the next several months, I sought out a second and then a third opinion from different surgeons in Cameroon, who all had the same recommendation — a discectomy and bone fusion — all using the same traditional open surgery techniques that required long recovery periods. They also said I wouldn’t be able to drive for a while, or go out in the sun. One even said I’d have to wear a brace over my clothes for a couple of weeks. It sounded horrible. Like many African countries, health dangers exist in Cameroon. And these procedures were far more expensive which was out of my reach. Health insurance is almost none-existing in Cameroon. Normally, it falls upon family members to meet the cost of treatment. This often leaves families with huge debts and worsened financial burdens to undergo and the outcomes can be very excessive. Meanwhile, I began getting epidural shots to control the sciatic pain and eventually tried a nerve block, which only made the pain worse. Then one day in June 2017, I was on the phone with a friend discussing my need for back surgery, and my friend told me about Dr Arvind Kulkarni Best Laser Spine Surgeon Bombay Hospital Mumbai India. My friend’s son, it turned out, worked for a surgical supply company that provided Dr Kulkarni with some of the state-of-the art equipment he used for surgery. She told me that her son thought the world of Dr Kulkarni and considered him the best in his field.

I called him on +91-9096436224 immediately, sent him my MRI at Email-id- dr.arvindkulkarni@neurospinehospital.com, and was soon meeting with him. After a thorough physical examination, Dr Arvind Kulkarni best laser spine surgeon Mumbai India agreed that I needed a discectomy and bone fusion. But his methods were much less invasive that the other surgeons. By using advanced procedures called a microdiscectomy and TLIF (transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion), He explained, he would only need to make small incisions in my back. Instead of missing three months of work, he said it would be just six weeks. I felt comfortable with him right away. He knew exactly what the problem was.

My surgery was scheduled at Bombay Hospital Mumbai for Monday, August 17. Dr Arvind Kulkarni stopped by to explain the procedure one more time before I went into the operating room; I knew I was in good hands. I was so curious to get it over with. It had been a year, and I had gone through so much. I wanted to move on. During the two-and-a-half-hour operation, I woke up groggy and had to remain on my back for the rest of the day because of a small spinal fluid leak that had occurred and was repaired during the surgery. I was sleepy from the pain medication, and in pain because of the surgery, but a few days later I stopped taking the pain medication and was fine. Since my surgery, I have made a great recovery and now I am capable of lead a normal and active lifestyles. There was at least a 75% decrease inside the degree of pain, and my degree of mobility is superb. One year after surgical procedure, the spinal bone fusion became complete.

I can confidently say that I am very pleased with the outcome of my surgery. I was fortunate to have the expertise of Dr Arvind Kulkarni and his team at Bombay Hospital Mumbai India taking care of me. I remain indebted to them all.”

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