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Dr Paresh Doshi Provides The Most Advanced Care for Deep Brain Stimulation in India


Deep brain Stimulation (DBS) has been used to deal with intractable pain for several decades. More recently, use of this technology has proven to be a secure and powerful treatment for essential tremor, in addition to tremor and involuntary moves associated with Parkinson’s disease, dystonia and multiple sclerosis, with extra than 35,000 DBS implants worldwide. The applications for DBS therapy are expanding rapidly. The procedure is comparable to that of a cardiac pacemaker wherein the pacemaker allows maintain an appropriate cardiac rhythm. DBS is presumed to help modulate dysfunctional circuits inside the brain so that the brain can function greater efficiently.

Dr Paresh Doshi offers world class expertise in deep brain stimulation

created on: 12/28/18

Dr Paresh Doshi best deep brain stimulation neurosurgeon in India takes a team approach to deep brain stimulation treatment. This means patients receive care not only from pioneering neurosurgeon, but from team of specialists to perform more than 100 deep brain stimulation procedures each year. He provides a thorough evaluation to ensure you’re a good candidate for the procedure.  He is the only doctor in the entire India that performs this neurological procedure.  He has years of experience performing this complex brain surgery, enabling us to provide you with a safe, effective procedure.  He has been performing DBS for more than a decade. Thanks to his outstanding reputation as DBS experts, doctors from across the India refer patients with complicated cases to him for care and treatment. He is the only DBS surgeon in India to offer clinical trials for novel DBS therapies including current steering and independent current control.

Discover the difference with Dr Paresh Doshi in field of neurology in India

As top 10 neurosurgeons for DBS in India Dr Paresh Doshi helped to pioneer the use of deep brain stimulation to control abnormal movement disorders. With this therapy, he surgically implants electrodes in your brain and connect them with a tiny wire to a pulse generator, a pacemaker-like device in your chest. He has one of the world’s few high-intensity magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) devices to define tiny structures in the brain, helping him place the electrodes accurately. In addition, he listens to the electrical “noise” or static sounds of the brain during placement of the electrodes. He has treated nearly 1,000 patients since years.

Highly Specialized Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) Surgeon

Dr Paresh Doshi top neurosurgeon at Jaslok Hospital Mumbai is the only surgeon in India to routinely offer patients a choice between conventional DBS and Asleep DBS.  He works together with his patient and their families to ensure you get the maximum benefits from this procedure. He offers outpatient services at Jaslok Hospital Mumbai to treat chronic pain and movement disorders. He offers deep minimally invasive surgery at Jaslok Hospital Mumbai. His research efforts focus on the basic mechanisms, cost-efficacy and quality of life issues, biomarkers of patient selection and response, and development of new intellectual property in the field. He tries to make this process as easy on you as possible. He guides you through treatment and recovery, assists with scheduling appointments, and listens to your questions and concerns.

Benefits of choosing spine and neuro surgery service India

Spine and neuro surgery service India provides step by step guidance to international patients traveling to India so that they can avail quality and affordable healthcare services at world-class hospitals with no waiting time. Our people have been working with the patients and their attendants, medical doctors, nurses, paramedical personnel and medical institution team of workers when you consider that a long time. They have been working with some of the finest hospitals in India. Our experience in has helped to create an corporation like us which understands  the desires and expectations of patients and their attendants who travel from overseas countries to India searching for first-rate and low priced healthcare. We have hands-on experience to arrange the travel facilities across the India. We are well linked with the leading players in India and make a travel ternary to our foreign people very quickly.

To learn more about deep brain stimulation or to schedule an appointment, please contact at +91-9325887033 or write to us at dr.pareshdoshi@neurospinehospital.com



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