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Global Hospital Mumbai : Best Multi Super Specialty Hospitals in India

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About Global Hospital Mumbai:


Global Hospitals Group is one of the country’s fast growing chains of Multi Super Specialty Tertiary Care Hospitals offering healthcare services of international standards. A 2000-bed Multi Super Specialty Tertiary Care facility in Mumbai, equipped with ultra-modern equipment and infrastructure to ensure timely and efficient services, the infrastructure speaks about Global Hospital’s commitment for passion of healing.  Global Hospitals is a pioneer in Multi-Organ Transplants including kidneys, liver, heart and lung.  This hospital caters to a wide range of clinical services varying from childbirth and orthopedics to complicated kidney surgeries.


How is Global Hospital Mumbai Unique?


Our patients need care… Global Hospital is a meticulously planned wellness hospital that caters to the medical needs of your near & dear ones living in India or abroad, in a focused & dedicated manner. Whether it is for an emergency that may crop up while you are away or periodic health checkups that they may need for their upkeep, Global Hospital provides you with the comfort of ensuring immediate care for patients living in the city or from across the seven seas. Patient can enjoy all the advantages without having to worry at all about the expenses involved. 

Global Hospital Mumbai is the Best Multi Super Specialty Hospitals in India


Global Hospital Multi Specialty Hospital is India's First Non Corporate NABH Certified Hospital for Quality & Patients Global Hospital Multi Specialty Hospital provides attentive, confidential and quality care, ensuring strict codes of conduct and compliance with international standards consistent with centers of healthcare excellence. Besides this, the “Commitment to Care” training programmer ensures that all of the staff, quality in the delivery of services, patient feedback, consistence of service, courtesy and effective communication. The Hospital’s medical staff is of the highest caliber and provides a multi-disciplinary care team approach. Global Hospital Multi Specialty Hospital is committed to providing the best quality medical care and services to their patients in a consistent and ethical manner, keeping abreast of changing technology as well as ongoing research and developments offered in the various specialties. Global Hospital Multi Specialty Hospital Mission is to establish their self as a high standard health care institute and training center.

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Why choose Global Best Multi Super Specialty Hospitals in India


Global Best Multi Super Specialty Hospitals is well equipped to extend the medical services to the people abroad who opt for their treatment in God’s Own Country India. With a back up of a booming hospitality industry, Global’s provides the best options for the people who want to connect their travel with medical treatment. Global Best Multi Super Specialty Hospitals supercedes all other comparable hospitals in India. It is harder to find a hospital that caters to the diverse needs of a growing population without letting money get in the way of healthcare. The technology and medical set-up at Global Best Multi Super Specialty Hospitals is par excellence. Two & One minor functional modular operation theaters equipped with Laminar air flow, HPL walls, sterile air locks, ceiling mounted pendants, HEPA filters, Epoxy coating floors, high-end multi-para monitors & ventilators offer world-class standard of surgical treatment.The ICU is backed by a separate Cardiac Care Unit (CCU), Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and a Surgical Care Unit (SICU). The backbone of the hospital is formed by an excellent Department of Medicine with 5 consultants specializing in different aspects like General Medicine, Cardiology, Neurology and Pulmonology. With a 24 hour emergency, all patients of cerebro-vascular accident, brain hemorrhage, pyrexia of unknown origin, diabetes, hypertension, heart attacks, epilepsy and headache are being treated here. Fully equipped with spirometers, echocardiography, nebulisers, ECG machines, treadmill testing, pulse oximeters, BiPAP; and with a staff of experienced physicians, the department is able to make early and quick diagnoses in many cases to affect an early recovery and save many lives. To promote preventive healthcare, we offer a number of health check up programs suiting different requirements and budgets. Global Best Multi Super Specialty Hospitals have trained nurses for efficient patient care. They operate on 1:1 ratio i.e. 1 patient to 1 nurse so as to give diligent care to the patients. The hospital ensures a friendly atmosphere in the hospital for the patients as well as attendants. Almost all nurses are GNM qualified for scientific and technical nursing.

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