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Top Spine Experts in India help Sudan Patients get relief from painful Spinal Disorders

Spinal disorders can cause extreme pain when bone changes put pressure on the spinal cord or nerves, limiting our movement. Almost everyone will experience at least one episode of acute low back pain at some point of his or her life. Mostly, Spine experts suggest surgery as a treatment option for spinal problems after several months, when all other forms of treatment have failed to provide any relief to the patient’s condition.  But Spine surgeries can bring relief from this pain; can basically accomplish three tasks:

  1. Decompress a nerve root or the spinal cord
  2. Stabilize an unstable or painful segment with spinal fusion surgery
  3. Reduce a deformity (e.g. scoliosis surgery in the thoracic spine).

Spine surgery in India has progressed in leaps and bounds in both technique and spinal instrumentation/implants. But by far the most noteworthy advancement in Spine surgery has been better preoperative imaging techniques, which have greatly aided and enhanced the ability of surgeons to identify accurately an anatomic lesion as a cause of pain. Specifically, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI scan) has revolutionized this medical arena. 

The most important factor behind the success in any Spine surgery is proper preoperative diagnosis. Without an accurate preoperative diagnosis, even the most technically successful surgery has little chance of being successful. There are innumerable examples about Sudan patients getting successfully treated by top Spine surgeons at best hospitals in India, through procedures like Lumbar Spine Surgery, Cervical Spine Treatment, Spinal Cord Stimulation, Compression Fracture and much more.

Top Hospitals for Spine surgery in India providing Minimum Cost Spine Treatment to Sudan Patients

created on: 10/09/17

Spine treatment in India has a very bright future as newer and improved methods are being introduced with every passing year. Many technological and biological advances are on the horizon that are and will be working in tune with minimally invasive techniques. Several of these, are computer-assisted image-guided technology, bio-resorbable, flexible and radiolucent spinal implants, and genetic-engineering of disc tissue, bone fusion, vertebral bone, and much more.

Owing to the availability of most advanced Spinal treatment facilities, excellent success rate and budget price Spine treatments in India, many Sudan patients are drawn towards India. The top hospitals for Spine treatment in India are Global Hospital Bangalore, Bombay Hospital, Apollo Hospital Chennai, Max Hospital, Fortis Hospital Delhi, Artemis Hospital, Jaslok Hospital, Saifee Hospital Mumbai, Asia Columbia.

With the soaring healthcare expenditures, Sudan patients are very hopeful about getting budget price Spine Treatments in India for procedures like Spine Fusion surgery, Laser Spine Surgery, Spinal Disc Replacement. With India's state-of-art technology, internationally accredited Spine doctors, well experienced staff, and cost effective Spinal procedures along with personalized cure, India is efficiently emerging as the most favourable and economical medical tourism destination. 

Why should Sudan patients opt for India Spine & Neurosurgery Services?

Today, there are very few nations at par with India when it comes to providing low price Spine Surgery packages and that too without any compromise in the quality offered. India Spine & Neurosurgery Services understands the importance of these factors and has been serving the Sudan Nationals stringently to provide them the finest amenities.

  • We help the Sudan patients with all the processes related to Spine surgery Planning in India From Sudan
  • We guide the Sudan nationals about the minimum cost Spine Treatment in India in the best way possible, available at the top Spine Surgery hospitals in India
  • We guide the Sudan patients especially about Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery in India so that their medical tour is most comfortable and successful 
  • We look after all the medical needs of the Sudan patients and ensure that the treatments are customized as per their requirements
  • We believe in maintaining the highest level of ethics and transparency
  • We ascertain that the Sudan citizens are looked after by the top Spine surgeons of India, till their complete recovery
  • We look after the Sudan patients even after they are back in their country, through our follow up services.

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