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Posterolateral Gutter Fusion Surgery by Dr. Hitesh Garg Exceptional Personalized Spine Care in India


In a posterolateral gutter fusion technique, the backbone is approached from the back. Bone graft is taken from the pelvis and laid out in the posterolateral portion of the spine that is to be fused. The back muscular tissues hold the graft in location until it fuses with the vertebrae. A fusion will setup within three months and will continue to get stronger for one to two years.

How Dr. Hitesh Garg does performs posterolateral gutter fusion surgery in India?

Dr. Hitesh Garg must first cut an incision that is between three to six inches long for the spinal fusion. If Dr. Hitesh Garg does not use a titanium implant or cage as the disc replacement, she will instead harvest bone material from the patient’s pelvis. The bone graft is then placed in the spine’s posterolateral area. In the body, the posterolateral area has more blood flow compared to other parts of the spine. This is to the benefit of the patient, as the blood is what supplies nutrition to help the bone graft grow and stabilize the spine. Back muscles attached to a vertebral extension near the posterolateral area are then raised to apply tension that keeps the bone graft in place.

created on: 01/20/18

Reasons to select Dr. Hitesh Garg for spine surgery in Gurgaon

Dr. Hitesh Garg is one of the leading spine surgeons in Gurgaon, India today. He has developed a comprehensive non -operative program for the management of various spinal ailments. Dr. Hitesh Garg the best spine surgeon in India has an extensive experience in major reconstructive surgeries for the treatment of a variety of spinal ailments including fractures, tumors, tuberculosis, deformities of in adults and children. Dr. Hitesh Garg the top spine surgeon in Gurgaon is also an expert on minimally invasive surgeries of the spine like Microdiscetomies, Vertebroplasty, etc. Dr. Hitesh Garg spine surgeon at Artemis Hospital Gurgaon has extensive experience in spine surgery. Dr. Hitesh Garg is top spine surgeon in Gurgaon. He’s well-known as a speaker/demonstrator at diverse national and global spine workshops, symposia convention and postgraduate coaching courses.

Dr. Hitesh Garg offers complete solution to spine care surgery in Gurgaon

Dr. Hitesh Garg consultant spine surgeon at Artemis hospital gurgaon in India embraces the latest technologies and minimally invasive techniques for all types of spine procedures. His goal is to enable patients to experience the least amount of pain and return to conducting their daily routines in an expeditious manner.  Patients of all ages come to Dr. Hitesh Garg the most renowned spine surgeon in India for comprehensive care for the full spectrum of neck and back disorders in India. Dr. Hitesh Garg the top spine surgeon in Gurgaon spends a great deal of time with patients, discussing their condition and answering their questions, educating them about treatment options, and matching their expectations and goals with the best treatment plan.

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