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Spinal Fusion Surgery by Dr. Arvind Kulkarni More Safer and Effective Way in India

Spinal fusion is surgical treatment to permanently join two or greater vertebrae for your spine, eliminating movement among them. Spinal fusion involves techniques designed to mimic the normal healing process of broken bones.

Description of spinal fusion in India

The doctor will make a surgical cut to view the spine. You may be lying face down. Muscular tissues and tissue may be separated to show the backbone

  • On your face, if you are having surgical procedure in your lower back.
  • The surgeon will use tools called retractors to gently separate, hold the soft tissues and blood vessels apart, and have room to work. 
  • With a cut on the the front of the neck, in the direction of the side. The surgeon will use a graft to hold the bones together permanently. There are several ways of fusing vertebrae together:
  • Strips of bone graft material may be placed over the back part of the spine.
  • Bone graft material may be placed between the vertebrae.
  • Special cages may be placed between the vertebrae. These cages are packed with bone graft material.
  • The vertebrae may also fix together with rods, screws, plates, or cages. They’re used to maintain the vertebrae from shifting till the bone grafts are absolutely healed.
  • Surgical operation can take 3 to 4 hours.

Dr. Arvind Kulkarni believes in your total spinal health

created on: 02/05/18

Dr. Arvind G Kulkarni the famous spine surgeon in India offers world class facility that has been put up with special emphasis on all aspects of spinal treatment including physiotherapy, lifestyle awareness and surgery. Dr. Arvind Kulkarni top spine surgeon in Mumbai offers good care to patients so that excellent results can be achieved. He is properly qualified to provide surgical remedy of disorders affecting the whole spine extending from the neck to the lower lumbar backbone.  This includes the management of degenerative disorders in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine, fractures and dislocations at all levels of the spine, deformity and infections in the spine. Dr. Arvind Kulkarni best spine and disc replacement surgeon in Mumbai works from his heart with an objective to help his patients with best possible ways.

Dr. Arvind Kulkarni caring and curing spinal disorders with compassion

Dr. Arvind Kulkarni top spine surgeon in Mumbai thoroughly understands and comprehend that having a spinal problem and disorder is quite one of the most difficult things in life which can be a confusing experience for the patient as well as his family. Dr. Arvind Kulkarni famous spine surgeon in India has received numerous national and international accreditations and awards for exceptional research & development concerning spinal diagnostic as well as management techniques. Moreover Dr. Arvind Kulkarni offers the best spine surgery treatment but highest affordable rates since he has never focused on shedding down the pockets of clients and has aimed only at the service of humanity. The rates he provides are hard to find anywhere in the world considering the quality experienced services he offer.

Why spine and neuro surgery services India

We combine sheer competencies and total dedication to ensure our clientele get a variety of medical services from free consultations to luxurious service treatment abroad And for sure, it is our responsibility to provide you with free consultation via emails, teleconference with a Physician to help you make informed decision before opting for treatment in any top–notch hospitals in India.

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