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Traditional spine surgical procedure involves scalpels, or other precision slicing tool, and often includes opening up the lower back with a wide or lengthy incision. Muscle tissues are pulled aside so surgeons can get a good look at the problem and repair it. Laser surgical procedure, but, consists of an incision of a whole lot less than an inch to more than one inch, which lessens the quantity of displaced and severed tissue needing healing. This smaller incision will produce a smaller scar, but it also limits the view of the entire area around the spine, which some surgeons consider a necessity in traditional surgery.

created on: 03/07/18

Dr. Arvind Kulkarni dedicated to get your life back
Dr. Arvind Kulkarni best laser spine surgeon in India provides comprehensive treatment solutions for the entire range of spine ailments. He is always available to give you the right advice for your treatment. Dr. Arvind Kulkarni famous spine surgeon in India has gained a distinguished reputation for excellence globally. He has pioneered endoscopic, minimally invasive surgical approaches to treat disorders of the spine. Dr. Arvind Kulkarni top spine surgeon at Bombay Hospital Mumbai carries with him years of training, experience and practice. He is equipped with the latest in surgical instruments and is supported by capable medical professionals to ensure the right diagnosis, care and treatment of patients of spinal ailments.

Patients benefits with Dr. Arvind Kulkarni laser spine specialists in Mumbai

  1. Dr. Arvind Kulkarni laser spine specialists in Mumbai have many medical milestones to his credit - the first lumbar disc replacement in the country was performed by him at Bombay Hospital Mumbai, and several cervical spine surgeries and lumbar disc replacements have also been performed.
  2. He is he is the best spine specialists & has best surgical team in India with vast background of dealing with complex spinal procedures.
  3. Dr. Arvind Kulkarni famous spine surgeon in India performs the full range of spinal procedures from Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (MISS), to major spine surgery procedures like complex spinal reconstructions.
  4. Dr. Arvind Kulkarni best laser spine surgeon in India is also well known internationally for complex deformity surgeries as well as revision spine surgery. He performs the maximum number of spinal deformity corrections in India.
  5. Dr. Arvind Kulkarni best spine and disc replacement Surgeon Mumbai India was the first to introduce 3rd generation spinal implants in India. He has also designed an anterior stabilization spinal implant which was approved by FDA and is being used now throughout the world

Dr. Arvind Kulkarni offering the cutting edge technology in the field of spine surgery
Dr. Arvind Kulkarni famous spine surgeon in India is committed to provide highly advanced diagnostic and surgical treatment for patients suffering from disorders of the spine. With current era and clinical understanding encompassing the entire spectrum of spine care, he presents quality services maintaining in-line with worldwide requirements. Dr. Arvind Kulkarni top spine surgeon at Bombay Hospital Mumbai delivers surgical treatment and physical therapy that is customized for each patient, keeping in mind the ultimate goal: To reduce pain, improve functionality and thereby improve the patient’s quality of life.

Why spine and neuro surgery service India
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