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Surgical procedure must usually be the last resort in terms of treating spinal situations in the neck and back. However, if various non-operative treatments have been attempted without improvement or worsening over a 6-12 month period, then surgical treatment seems reasonable for certain specific conditions such as spinal stenosis, sciatica, spondylolisthesis or degenerative scoliosis. The choice for surgical operation has to be individualized to the patient and the patient’s signs, in conjunction with their stage of characteristic.

What to expect during consultation with Dr. Ram Chaddha?

Dr. Ram Chaddha will meet with the patient to discuss their symptoms and concerns. He will then assess the targeted area through a physical exam, x-rays and other necessary tests to give an accurate diagnosis. Through a comprehensive consultation, Dr. Ram Chaddha will be able to personalize a conservative treatment plan for the patient’s condition. He believes that treatment should exhaust all conservative methods before embarking on a surgical route. His spine procedures are minimally invasive and use the latest surgical techniques to treat spinal conditions. Dr. Ram Chaddha takes pride in being involved in every step of the treatment process from the consultation to the recovery.

Dr. Ram Chaddha best spine surgeon in Mumbai eliminate your pain

created on: 04/14/18

Dr. Ram Chaddha is world-renowned spine surgeon ensures the ideal treatment plan for every patient. When spine surgery is called for, Dr. Ram Chaddha has the expertise and cutting-edge technology to ensure you get the very best spine care. Dr. Ram Chaddha best spine surgeon in Mumbai constantly researches the latest in spinal conditions and treatment options to provide his patients with the leading options. Dr. Ram Chaddha best spine surgeon in Mumbai uses state-of-the-art technology to help diagnose and treat spinal conditions. Diagnose and treat spinal conditions and alleviate your pain. Contact Dr. Ram Chaddha at +91-9325887033.

What makes Dr. Ram Chaddha best spine surgeon in Mumbai

  • Dr. Ram Chaddha is a prominent orthopaedic surgeon specialized in spine surgery and minimally invasive procedures. He has an extensive background in spine surgery with an emphasis in spinal treatment and surgery.
  • He is dedicated to educating his patients on their conditions and developing a customized treatment plan to most effectively address their symptoms.
  • Dr. Ram Chaddha top orthopedic surgeon in Mumbai is committed to providing compassionate care and empathy to all of his patients. He treats every affected person for my part, imparting them with the essential tools to direct their personal care, and guiding them through each step of the treatment process. This not only includes surgical options–but non-surgical strategies as well–including, both before and after any surgical procedure.
  • Dr. Ram Chaddha best spine surgeon in India offers a patient-centered treatment philosophy, which is his patients come first. Dr. Ram Chaddha mission is to provide patients with outstanding care by the best spine surgery in India to achieve excellent outcomes.

Why choose spine and neuro surgery service India?

At spine and neuro surgery service India; our goal is to make excessive first-rate medical treatment as inexpensive as feasible for the people across the world because we believe that everybody deserves a world-class medical care. As we all know that India is one of the leading healthcare destinations in the world which provides truly world-class medical care at an unbeatable cost, we help people from different countries to make best out of it. We help them to travel, avail medical treatment at some of the leading hospitals in India and save lot of money at every step of their medical travel and thus making high quality medical care affordable. We offer step by step guidance to international patients traveling to India so as to avail pleasant and low-priced healthcare offerings at international-class hospitals with none waiting time.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Ram Chaddha to explore treatment options, please call us at +91-9325887033, e-mail id of Dr. Ram Chaddha: dr.ramchaddha@neurospinehospital.com

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