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Knee Replacement surgery

Knee Replacement surgery is also known as Knee Arthroplasty. Knee replacement is a surgical process to replace the damaged part of the knee with an artificial joint  which is made of plastic and metal components, in order to relief pain and disability.

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According to The Knee Klinic, Knee Replacement is mostly performed for osteoarthritis on patients with severe deformity from advanced rheumatoid arthritis, trauma or long standing osteoarthritis.

There are two types of knee replacement that can be undertaken.

1:- Partial knee replacement

2:- total knee replacement                               

Partial knee replacement means replacing only one side of the knee or the damaged side of the knee.  While total knee replacement consist of replacing the whole knee joints.

Benefits of knee Replacement surgery

Having a knee replacement surgery will help you in releasing your pain, as it is replaced with an artificial joint and thus also increases the mobility of your knee, so that you can walk easily without any pain.

Its Symptoms:-

1.        Knee injury.

2.        Pain in knees.

3.        Difficulty in movement while sitting down or standing up.

4.        Swelling of your leg.

5.        Change in the appearance of your knee.

Other symptoms also include Rheumatoid arthritis, Haemophilia, Gout etc.

What are the Drawbacks of knee replacement?

That is for sure that a placed or artificial knee cannot be as good as the natural knee, such as it can’t bend as far as the natural one, sometimes the replaced joint can become loose or wear out, You will not be able to carry heavy weights etc.


What should be done before the surgery?

 You should plan early for your knee replacement surgery in order to make it smooth and fast.  First of all you should know how the procedure will take place clear all your doubts with your doctor, If possible try to get fit in order to recover quickly from it. Learn what exercise should be done after the surgery and start practicing it so that it is not hard for you later.


Recovery after knee replacement:

The surgery for knee replacement is usually takes maximum up to 3 hours, you will usually be hospitalized for three to five days after the surgery but recovery time depends upon the person and the surgery that is carried out. Most of the people can walk by themselves without using the mobility aid within six weeks and start driving a car after eight to twelve weeks of the surgery.

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