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Looking for ways to get rid of that fat? - Liposuction is the answer

Liposuction is raiding the cosmetic field for so many years now that more than 1 million procedures are carried out throughout the year in a single year. Those conscious about their body shape and appearance can easily get liposuction alongside other cosmetic procedures to attain their goals.
What is liposuction?

It is s cosmetic procedure where fat is removed from the body using a cannula after a high-pressure vacuum is applied to it. The procedure targets any part of the body where there are more fat cells. These fat cells are broken down and afterward sucked out. A Liposuction surgery is performed under local anesthesia and it is an outpatient procedure.

Also known as Lipo or Lipoplasty, the procedure must be performed after a consultation with a dermatologist. During the consultation, the doctor will perceive the amount of fat to be removed from the particular part of the body. The latest studies show that the more risks arise from the amount of fat removed. Excessive fat is absolutely the target, but where the surgeon removes more fat, it can affect one’s life after the surgery.

Which areas for Liposuction?

At least the whole body can undergo liposuction at different intervals. You can have liposuction for the following body areas

  • Thighs
  • Abdomen
  • Hips
  • Chest
  • Arms, especially the upper arms
  • Flank
  • Buttocks
  • Neckline  

Advantages of Liposuction

Patients for liposuction have to be in good health and have a stable body weight for the procedure to be successful. The main reason for liposuction is to remove the fat cells that cause a poor body shape and appearance, but you will enjoy the following after the procedure;

  • Better body contour
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Enhanced body appearance  

Should I worry after a Liposuction procedure?

Just like any other surgery, liposuction is also involved with its own risks and disadvantages. It is important for the patient to discuss with the surgeon before the procedure to get the clear view of liposuction. Here are the risks of the procedure;

  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • Numbness
  • Poor contouring
  • Kidney and heart problems
  • Allergic reactions
  • Disturbed life in case too much fat is removed
  • There is a higher possibility that the remaining fat cells will grow

Where can I get a Liposuction procedure?

As a patient, it is best that you get an advanced cosmetic clinic and Dr. Vj’s cosmetic surgery and hair transplantation centre is one of the best Liposuction centre in India where you will get a safe procedure. The advanced clinic uses the latest technology to conduct the cosmetic procedures that you need. A proper examination is taken before the procedure is conducted and postoperative care and treatment is at its best. Dr. Vijay Kumar at the centre has got a diverse expertise in cosmetology and hair transplantation procedures and he will automatically help you get the best and natural results that you desire

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