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Hair Transplant Predictions by 2025 in India

India’s hair transplant market is quite inspiring with at least every dermatology centre offering the services of hair transplantation apart from the self-acclaimed hair transplant centres. Also, certain advanced hair salons have opened up departments for hair transplantation with an aim of widening their service provisions and attaining a bigger client number.

Technological advancement has pioneered in transforming hair transplantation procedures, both in India and worldwide. As compared to the past, many celebrities and common men prefer attaining hair transplantation in India rather than flying out of the country. This depicts the efficacy of hair transplant surgeons and their techniques. Due to the ongoing trends in hair transplantation, the field has proved to be competitive with various players. These include the non-surgical hair loss treatment providers, hair transplant surgeons, the clients, and the technological innovations.

Hair Transplant Awareness in India

The occurrence of hair loss in males and females has led to the spread of hair transplant information around India. Hair loss manifests itself due to various reasons that include; genetics, use of steroid drugs, consumption of certain medications, certain activities like spinning the head, stress, medical conditions among others.

In most cases, the immediate solutions to hair loss remain non-surgical hair loss treatments before someone embarks on a hair transplant in India. These treatments include Minoxidil, Finasteride, PRP therapy, Mesotherapy, hair loss regimes among others. The commonest treatments “Finasteride and Minoxidil” happen to offer desired results, but can’t combat extreme hair loss/baldness. This is where a hair transplant comes in to fully restore one’s hair like before.

Millions of patients have attained hair transplantation and when performed by an experienced surgeon, the decision remains one of the best for the patient. 

The Hair Transplantation Techniques

There are basically two forms of hair transplantation techniques that are annually undergoing transformations. The strip technique that is referred as the traditional method of hair transplant happens to offer excellent results that in the past decades. This technique is suitable for extreme baldness since it offers more hair follicles in a short period of time. The only drawback of the technique is the linear scar that is created after the extraction of the hair follicles, but currently, there are various ways through which the scar is minimized.

The other technique is the Follicular Extraction technique, performed by extracting individual hair follicles from the donor region to the bald region. Currently, FUE hair transplant in India is the leading technique performed on both males and females. Due to technological advancements, the robotic FUE hair transplant technique serves as an ideal solution for eliminating the would-be mistakes during the hair transplant procedure. The ARTAS Robotic system is currently used in advanced hair transplant centres, though it is a bit costly.

With this, there are various solutions to hair loss and hair transplantation remains the final solution for the millions of bald patients. The technique is gaining popularity day by day, and by 2025, hair transplantation services will be ruling the hair restoration sector.

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