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  Overview Urology is that branch of medicine, which focuses on dealing with the medical and surgical diseases of the Kidneys and the Urinary Tract, including the ureters, bladder and urethra, and the male reproductive system and genitalia. Currently, there are many specialist areas that are practices under the umbrella of Urology – Endourology, Urologic Oncology, Neurourology, Paediatric Urology, and Andrology. Urology Surgery Procedures The Urology hospitals of India can proudly boast about the advanced...
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Overview The branch of medicine dealing with the conditions affecting the male and female urinary tracts and the reproductive system of males is referred to as Urology. The healthcare professionals who deal with these conditions are called Urologists. There has been a lot of advancement in this field, during the last decade. Newer and more progressive approaches have been invented to cater to the worldwide medical tourists more capably. Treatment approaches like medical therapy for...
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