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Cyberknife Success Story of Prostate Cancer by Dr Ashish Sabharwal in India

created on: 10/02/17

My Name is Harrison from Wale, It was after my annual medical at age 56 I received a call from my doctor. The digital exam showed the prostate gland was enlarged but smooth and soft. The result of the PSA came back 7. My doctor was concerned and sent me to an urologist, which took about four months waiting time. After receiving the diagnosis, I began to gather information about treatment options. I felt a little bit like I was shopping my prostate around, because Wales happens to be a competitive marketplace for medical care. Each provider offered some very good advice.

In discussing treatment options and after lot of research on internet regarding my condition, I learned about Dr. Ashish Sabharwal in India.
I found the report shared by Dr. Ashish Sabharwal and his team of doctors very detailed, informative with clear recommendations on my case and shows painstaking efforts put in by their team. The panel of experts was able to answer the concern whether the existing treatment of was the right approach and if surgery was the right answer. I was fully satisfied with the diagnosis on the case and the recommendations provided by Dr. Ashish Sabharwal cancer prostate experts in India. The online registration process was very simple, easy and hassle free. The response time was also very quick which was within a week of registering my case on the web portal. The portal is truly a boon for people who would never have an access to get the best medical advice from panel of experts spread out across the globe. I would personally like to thank the team of Dr. Ashish Sabharwal for a remarkable job in trying to reach the common man and provide medical counseling to those who can benefit the medical service.

During that appointment, Dr. Ashish Sabharwal, drew pictures of the prostate and the surrounding nerves and illustrated how the procedure would take place. The meeting helped me confirm my decision to proceed with a radical prostatectomy. At that point, I was desperately looking for some kind of clarity. I desperately wanted to move forward, He was great at helping me to understand my options. His strengths are in discussing options clearly. Dr. Ashish Sabharwal provided clarity at a time of great confusion. In my mind this is his gift.

Meanwhile my uncle from Wales contacted me to tell about a new treatment called the cyber knife which he had read on the internet. I was very impressed by what i had read on the net- outpatient treatment, non-invasive, very precise radiation delivered robotically and just 5 sittings with practically no side effects. I thought it was unlikely that this treatment option would be available in India so I discussed my concern with Dr. Ashish Sabharwal; I was surprised to know that Dr. Sabharwal was using this technique. And Dr Saharwal told him that the latest version of Cyberknife is now available here. He was told that the cost of cyberknife would be around 40,000 US dollars in US. After going through all the treatment options I decided he would go in for Cyberknife as i found that to be the best treatment modality in my opinion. I was anxious about our technical capability as it was the latest treatment option. But then i came to know that the entire team was trained at the Stanford University, California, where actually the cyber knife was invented, I immediately decided to have the treatment here.

The treatment plan was ready the next day and was reviewed by the Dr. Ashish Sabharwal himself. The treatment plan was finalized and i was asked to come for treatment the following day which happened to be a Tuesday. I was asked to have a light breakfast before 8 am and report for treatment at 10am.I was also asked to take a laxative the previous night and antacids. This preparation is a very important part of the treatment as improper bowel evacuation and gas in the bowel can interfere with the accuracy of the treatment. As cyberknife can achieve submillimeter target accuracy and continuously tracks the target while treatment, it is absolutely essential that patients follow this preparatory regimen very carefully. I was prescribed 5 treatment sittings on consecutive days. Each treatment lasted for about 45-50 minutes and my treatment was schedule on Saturday. I had initially booked my tickets for Sunday but as I did not have any side effects i preponed my journey to Saturday night. I was advised to have a PSA after 3 months which confirmed that the PSA had come down to normal values. The treatment the nurses and staff was first class. The one thing that surprised me, there was NO PAIN from the operation.

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