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Bowel Cancer Treatment by Dr. Prajesh Bhuta India’s Leading Laparoscopic Surgeon in Mumbai


created on: 12/29/17

Bowel cancer, also known as colorectal cancer or colon cancer is any cancer that affects the colon (large bowel) and rectum (back passage). It usually grows very slowly over a period of up to 10 years, before it starts to spread and affect other parts of the body.

Treatment for bowel cancer in India

Bowel most cancers can be handled the use of a combination of different treatment, depending on in which the cancer is to your bowel and the way far it has spread.

The main treatments are:

  • Surgical operation – the cancerous segment of bowel is eliminated; it's the simplest way of curing bowel cancer and in lots of instances is all you want
  • Chemotherapy – where medication is used to kill cancer cells 
  • Radiotherapy – where radiation is used to kill cancer cells
  • Biological treatments – a more newer type of medicine that increases the effectiveness of chemotherapy and stops the cancer spreading
created on: 12/29/17


As with most varieties of cancer, the risk of a whole treatment relies upon on how a long way it has advanced by the time it’s recognized. If the cancer is limited to the bowel, surgical procedure is commonly able to completely remove it. Keyhole or robotic surgery is being used more often, which allows surgery to be performed with less pain and a quicker recovery.

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Dr. Prajesh Bhuta is a consultant general & laparoscopic surgeon at Global Hospital, Jaslok Hospital and Saifee Hospital in Mumbai.  Dr. Prajesh Bhuta laparoscopic surgeon in Mumbai had finished his MBBS from Seth GS medical college Mumbai and post graduation (MS) at LTMMH hospital. After completing his basic training he left for the UK where is specialised into colorectal surgery over a period of 10 years. Dr. Prajesh Bhuta best general surgeon in Mumbai has extensively trained to be able to tackle all types of colorectal diseases. He has now experience of treating more than a thousand patients with fistulas over the last 10 years and performing more than 100 laparoscopic colorectal resections for bowel cancer.

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created on: 12/29/17

Dr. Prajesh Bhuta consultant general & laparoscopic surgeon at Global Hospital provides excellent urological care by using the latest technology including robotic surgery for diseases of the urogenital system. Dr. Prajesh Bhuta offers holistic approach to treat your urological problem. He offers advanced urological care at par with international standards. Many patients from all over the world come to Dr. Prajesh Bhuta in India for the treatment of urology. He is the best urologist in India offering the best of treatment and care for all types of urological diseases. Dr. Prajesh Bhuta best general surgeon in Mumbai is recognized for its exceptional care, accurate diagnosis and best treatment of urology diseases. He is the top urologists in India, working at Global hospital Mumbai. He brings a wealth of experience and wide ranging expertise that has helped growing into the best urology hospitals in the country. Now you may get a free no duty opinion form best urology experts in India and lowest quote for the treatment. Book Appointment with general & laparoscopic surgeon via Dr Prajesh Bhuta contact number +91-9373055368. 

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Dr. Prajesh Bhuta, Best General & Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgeon, India

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