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Minimal Cost Treatment and Services for Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass Surgery in India


Weight loss or gastric bypass surgery is often not covered by insurance and hence undergoing this surgery in the Western country can be quite expensive for many people. The choice is either to continue risking your health and life or to opt for laparoscopic gasric bypass surgery abroad in countries like India. The laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery in India is the final step to help you combat weight problems.  The low cost of laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery is performed at the world class facilities in India with advanced technology, availability of top surgeons in India. This surgery provides immediate, long lasting results that are beneficial especially when accompanied with a balanced and sustained lifestyle changes.

Gastric Bypass Treatment in India

created on: 01/08/18

Gastric bypass treatment in India is a weight loss surgery which works by making the stomach smaller and thereby the digestive system is shorter. It divides the stomach into a small upper pouch and a larger remnant pouch and then arranges the small intestine that allows both the pouches to stay connected to it accordingly. This surgery makes the stomach smaller in size which reduces the intake of food which the stomach can accept hence reducing the food intake. The food bypasses a section of the small intestine hence result in less calorie absorption by the body leading to weight loss.

Best Hospital for Gastric Bypass Surgery in India

The best hospital in India for laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery entails an expert multidisciplinary team working towards solving a patient’s weight problems. This include a comprehensive investigation to ensure the best outcome post surgery. The team of surgeons help the patients to lose and keep off weight. Considering the cost advantage, medical tourists from abroad seek affordable price of laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery.

 Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass Surgery Cost in India

The Cost of Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass Surgery in India is low as compared to the cost of the procedure in the US and the UK. This is because we recognize the significance of excellent health and wellbeing of our guests and hence we offer the surgery at affordable price.

Quality Healthcare Services By India Laparoscopy Surgery Site

India Laparoscopy Surgery Site has been offering quality healthcare services to the global patients seeking minimal cost treatment for laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery. We have association with the JCI accredited and dedicated healthcare facilities providing cost effective treatments and healthcare with compassion. Our network of surgeons is highly qualified, skilled and has vast experience performing the laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery in the country.

We provide the following quality healthcare services:

  • Low price laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery
  • Best hospitals with latest medical technologies
  • Highly professional and world renowned surgeons who have expertise in laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery
  • The healthcare facilities in India are at par with the international standards
  • Assistance with your medical visa letters for planning your medical trip to India
  • Providing best surgical options in India at cost effective prices
  • A transparency in planning your medical journey to India
  • One on one assistance throughout your medical trip to India
  • Provide personalized care from our dedicated hospital staff
  • Comprehensive foreign language assistance
  • Assistance to plan a tour to scenic locations in India that help you recuperate well post surgery
  • Complete assistance with travel, transport, appointment with doctor, stay, etc.
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