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Dr. Sabhyata Gupta helped Global Patient Get Rid of Gynecological Cancer With Great Ease

Hi may name is Maniza Abu Minhaz, I am from UAE, I have recently gone to India for my gynecological treatment seeking the help of competent surgeon Dr. Sabhyata Gupta. I was bogged down with my gynecological ailment which required a surgery to get rid of the same. I had been facing this problem since past few weeks and when finally was diagnosed with the issue, the doctor said I would need a surgery to get rid of the ailment once for all. However, I was not getting an affordable solution back in my country. We know UAE to be expensive in terms of healthcare services, which are high for many reasons. However, with passing time, I had to find out the alternatives to the same, which soon came in the form Indian healthcare services. I heard a lot about Indian hospitals that are known to offer the best of the healthcare services with affordable cost. 

When I researched I came in touch with several medical tourism groups that offered these services. However to find out a right and reliable one was the big challenge. Luckily with comparative study and detailed study, I realized the right one that has one of the best surgeons like Dr. Sabhyata Gupta and hospitals in their network. I was pleased with their healthcare services and soon came to know that this doctor has a good track record and she is among the best to deal in this area with several records in her profile. She has several roles in the hospital which is among the best in New Delhi called Artemis Hospital. She is known to be among the top medical experts that have the track record of giving the best of the cancer care related to gynecological domain. So, I had all the reasons to give my consent to them.

created on: 10/02/18

Soon I had to apply for my medical visa and then set off my journey to the country which I am visiting for the first time with my hubby. I was nervous for obvious reasons but soon as I came to know that I things are smooth meeting the surgeon - Dr. Sabhyata Gupta, I was relaxed and made myself comfortable. I was soon hospitalized that commenced my treatment. The doctor was happy to treat me she is a competent lady and made sure I get the best treatment. My day for surgery was decided and soon it came to see me in the operation theatres.  The surgery was successful as I was treated by the lady of the best knowledge and expertise. She has a huge knowledge and skill sets that proved once again in giving me the best of the healthcare services. I remained in ICU for a while as the doctor wanted to monitor me for a while.

The next day 12 hours went smooth and doctor - Dr. Sabhyata Gupta then shifted me to the recovery room to get rid of the post-surgery issues. In this way, I was treated with great care and professionalism till I was good to go back to my home country. The post surgery medication helped me to come back on my feet but I was asked to avoid the strenuous job. Now as I am recovering and resuming my life back, I am glad that I am back on feet steadily and slowly. I am treated the best in India so I need to thank everyone for their contribution to give me my life back. I thank my doctor, Dr. Sabhyata Gupta who was smart enough to find out the ailment and made me free from it. I also thank my medical tourism company that went out of the way to make things right.



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