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Dr. Sanjay Gogoi Highly Renowned Specialists Committed Assisting Urological Health Care



Urology, also referred to as genitourinary surgery, is the specialised department of medication that focuses on surgical and scientific illnesses of male and female urinary-tract system and male reproductive organs. Of late, this branch of medicine has assumed great significance in view of the growing fashion in patients suffering by the above complications. As on today, many top notch area of expertise medical hospitals had been mounted in the country emphasizing treatment in this unique branch of medicine. India is one of the good places for this treatment. Men with infertility issues can also are searching for the assist of the best urology clinics in India.

created on: 02/05/19

Best urology surgeon and renal transplant specialist in India

HOD of the urology department at Manipal Hospitals, Dwarka, Dr. Sanjay Gogoi renal transplant specialist in Delhi has over 17 years of revel in in his discipline. He is an expert in robotic pediatric urology and has individually carried out over 500 renal transplants. He’s recognised to have conducted the largest series of Interstim Insertion in India (Sacral Neuromodulation). He has numerous countrywide and global publications to his credit. He is an expert in the treatment of Advanced Renal Cancer including IVC thrombectomy and metastasectomy. Also, he has over 8 years of experience in doing "Robotic Surgery" with over 500 cases under his belt. He is currently the Proctor in robotic surgery. Expert in pediatric urology as well, he has got excellent outcomes in reconstructive surgeries like hypospadias repairs, with reoperation rates of fewer than 2%.        His force in reconstructive urology has few parallels in the world and is considered a referral surgeon for complicated procedures. Having rehabilitated several hundred war victims with genito-urinary trauma from Sri Lanka and the Middle East, His humanitarian work is greatly appreciated.

Why Dr. Sanjay Gogoi is best for treatment?

Dr. Sanjay Gogoi top urology surgeon Manipal Hospital Delhi India is far competing to the surgeons from all over the world and offering the best service in many ways. With an aim is to offer the highest standards of urological & andrological treatment for his patients suffering from kidney stones, ureteric stone, bladder stone, male Infertility among other urinary disease. The facilities offered by him are affordable & valuable around the world, dedicated to curing urological ailments and helping people to keep their health in good form. Renal transplant specialist in Delhi has offers a state of the art surgical and urological treatment which keeps himself par with the latest in medical technology that is made available to his patients who develop great confidence him. He is a trusted surgeon who will give you the best of best treatment packages as per your needs and will also provide you personal medical assistance and will help you with all your related queries . He is also popular for kidney transplantation and has a highly renowned faculty. The patients suffering the urological disorder can now without problems get the best treatment of urology in India. That is one of the few in India providing comprehensive urological care the use of cutting edge technology.

How to get appointment with Dr. Sanjay Gogoi?

India laparoscopy surgery site is proud of its reputation in providing cost-effective treatment services and comprehensive healthcare solutions. We are associated with Dr. Sanjay Gogoi top urology surgeon Manipal Hospital Delhi India and we can get you instantly connected to him. All through our long and a success journey, we have got advanced lives of hundreds of people to get better and live a healthy and happy life that is full of joyous moments and filled with new life. India laparoscopy surgery site offers people an access to high quality medical tourism and travel for treatment and care delivered with quality that equals and even surpasses what you can find at home. We partner with world-class hospitals and highly experienced doctor for your treatment from day one to the finish, making you healthy and lively again. We are entirely owned by way of our standards and are usually dedicated to our patients and their improved health.

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