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Kidney Transplant Surgery in India

The kidney is one of the most important organs of our body.  It filters the blood and extracts the waste from it, produces urine and helps in other functions of the body.

Due to Chronic kidney disease, it stops filtering the blood which may lead to kidney failure. When that happens, there is a buildup of fluids, extra salt and harmful waste in your body which needs immediate treatment. If left untreated, it may cause seizures, coma or death.


The treatment options include dialysis or a kidney transplant. More and more people prefer opting for a kidney transplant as dialysis is time-consuming and an inconvenient treatment. Patients are open to the idea of traveling to another country for medical treatment and kidney transplant in India is one such treatment that is attracting many patients from all over the world.


Why kidney transplant in India?

India is one of the leading medical centers having some of the top hospitals in the world. The doctors in India are pioneers in treating the most complex diseases and patients are treated with utmost compassion and care.

A great number of patients with kidney disorder favor coming here for their treatment as there are many hospitals in India with foreign accreditations. These hospitals have the latest technology at its disposal and are equipped to take into account all the medicinal needs of the patient. Also, the success rate of a kidney transplant in India has surpassed many developed countries.


What are the factors that make kidney transplant in India so popular?

India is the second  positions for the kidney transplant surgeries in the world that are performed here yearly however with respect to cost it is second to none

The kidney transplant cost in India is very reasonable and you can undergo this surgery for around Rs. 300000.00 to Rs. 750000.00, which is a lot cheaper than the developed countries like the US and UK.

Several multi-specialty hospitals all over India offer kidney transplant and there are many factors that are responsible for its success rate.



The physicians and surgeons in India are remarkable and are considered among the best in the world. Most of them have been trained abroad and are highly experienced in performing these crucial surgeries. It is a known fact that doctors of Indian origin are found in all the leading hospitals in the world.



India has gained importance as a reputed medical center where the patients are ensured best possible treatment with a positive result. Providing patient-centric treatment with a human touch is one of the main reasons why multitudes of patients prefer coming to India for kidney transplant surgery.


The hospitals offering kidney transplant in India have state of art facilities and advanced medical equipment. Many of the hospitals are JCI and NABH accredited.



The cost of the treatment is one of the most crucial factors that are taken into consideration while choosing the hospital. India is renowned for providing cost-effective quality treatment due to which people come here for procedures and surgeries. The affordable kidney transplant cost in India is one of the main reasons why so many international patients come here for their surgeries. The minimum cost for a kidney transplant is approximately Rs. 300000.00 which is very reasonable when compared to western countries.



All the major cities in India are well connected to the rest of the world having international airports and a proper network of roads and railways. Most of the leading hospitals providing kidney transplant in India are based in the metro cities making it easy for the overseas patients who come here for treatment.


What are the causes for kidney disorder?

You are said to be suffering from kidney failure or end-stage renal disease if your kidney is working just 10% and the cause for this can be:

• Chronic hypertension

• Diabetes

• Polycystic kidney ailment

• Chronic glomerulonephritis

Individuals with the end-stage renal sickness require consistent dialysis to expel the waste from their blood or they can go in for a kidney transplant.


From where can you procure a kidney for transplant?

Kidney for transplant can be acquired from either a living donor or a deceased organ donor. As a rule, the living donor is hereditarily related with the patient and it is conceivable to give one of your kidneys as you can survive on one kidney.


Who can opt for a kidney transplant?

Both adults and kids can get a kidney transplant. However, Your Specialist (Nephrologist) will screen you to check whether the transplant will be good for you or not.. A kidney transplant is not recommended for individuals suffering from cancer, cardiovascular sickness and chronic infection.


Success rate of kidney transplant

India has a high success rate when it comes to a kidney transplant, the live kidney transplant success rate is around 90% to 95% and the success rate for transplant from a deceased donor is 85% to 90%.



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