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Early Stage Brain Tumor Surgery Cost in India: Best Neurologist, Success Rate and Assistance

Brain Tumor : Overview 

Brain is the most important organ in a human body; it controls the voluntary and involuntary action. It helps you to thin and also assist the other parts of your body to function properly. To perform these function properly the brain has to be healthy, in case of a tumour or cancer one cannot expect much from their body. Body looses hope physically and mentally.

Effective Procedures & Therapy

created on: 04/26/17

There are different procedure and therapy like:

  1. Craniotomy: In this process the head is cut to remove the tumour.
  2. Biopsy: In this process the surgeon drills a small hole through the skull, he then use a needle into the brain and tumour in order to remove sample of tissue.
  3. Shunts: In this process a small hole is made in order to insert a tube and the other end of the tube is passed under the skin from the head to the trunk where it drains fluid into the heart or abdomen. 
  4. Microsurgery: Operating microscopes are commonly used during neurosurgery.
  5. Mapping: The surgeon may need to know precisely what function is performed by parts of the brain near the surgical site.
  6. Embolization: The blood supply to tumors can be identified by angiography.

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Best Neuro Surgeons in India

There are many surgeons in India but Dr. Arun Saroha and Dr. Paresh Doshi are the most trusted surgeons in India. They are well trained in surgeries related to brain tumour.  They are very profession and have assisted many successful surgeries in their medical career. 

created on: 04/26/17

How to get cost benefits for Brain Tumor Surgery in India

If you are looking for the treatment out of India it would be difficult to get the required treatment at affordable cost. But with the help of forerunners healthcare consultants one can get affordable cost for brain tumour surgery in India. The cost for brain tumour surgery in India is comparatively less than other countries.

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Brain Cancer Surgery Success rate in India

Like every surgery Brain cancer surgery also has its own merits and demerits. But with the help of best surgeons we prove the best success rate round the globe of 90% to 95%.

Our Assistance to Foreign Patient

  • Forerunners health care consultants are associated only with the best surgeons and hospitals in India
  • The consultants will help you to get medical visa, airport pick and drop, local travel, meals, accommodation etc. 
  • They will help you to get appointment with the best surgeon. 

Bottom Line

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