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Dr. Mohamed Rela Performs the Most Innovative Liver Transplant Surgery in India


created on: 09/15/17

In a liver transplant surgery patient’s diseased liver is replaced with another person whole or partial healthy liver. This article explains the current indications for liver transplantation, types of donor livers, the operation itself, and the immunosuppression that is required after transplantation.

Types of liver transplant

There are three fundamental ways a liver transplant can be completed:


  • Deceased organ donation : includes transplanting a liver that has been taken out from a person who passed on recently
  • Living donor liver transplant : an area of liver is expelled from a living donor; in light of the fact that the liver can recover itself, both the transplanted section and the remaining section of the contributor's liver can regrow into an ordinary estimated liver
  • Split donation : in this procedure the liver is removed from a man who died as of late and is part into two pieces; each piece is transplanted into a different person, where they will grow to a normal size. Most liver transplants are carried out using livers from deceased donors.


Liver Care and Transplantation Services by Top Liver Transplant Surgeon in India Dr. Mohamed Rela

Dr. Mohamed Rela is a Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic and Chronic liver specialist in Perumbakkam, Chennai and has an experience of 34 years in these fields. Dr. Mohamed Rela practices at Gleneagles Global Hospital in Perumbakkam, Chennai. The doctor completed MBBS from Stanley Medical College & Hospital, Chennai in 1982. Dr. Mohamed Rela’s focus is on the treatment of advanced liver disease and its complications, with a particular interest in hepatocellular carcinoma. He has participated in numerous scientific research studies specific to advancements in treating end stage liver. Dr. Mohamed Rela Liver Care specialists provide patients with a wealth of experience across the spectrum of liver diseases.

created on: 09/15/17

Dr. Mohamed Rela Performed India’s First Split Liver Transplantation at Global Hospital, Chennai

More than 1600 liver transplants have been performed by Dr. Rela and all through his career; he has devoted his work to expanding the accessibility of liver transplantation to patients. In September 2009, a group drove by him effectively completed the split liver transplantation (first of its kind in India), at the Global Hospital, Chennai. The liver was split amid the retrieval operation into a little left lobe for transplanting a young lady and a larger right lobe for transplanting an older woman with end stage liver disease. The young girl received the left lobe as an auxiliary liver transplant for Criggler najar syndrome- another first of its kind in India. In May 2011, a group led by Dr. Mohamed Rela effectively performed Swap liver transplantation on adults (first of its kind in India), at Global Hospitals & Health city Chennai, India.
Dr. Mohamed Rela is an avid researcher. His exploration interest is in the field of liver recovery and outfitting its potential in making liver surgery more secure for liver benefactors, liver recipients and for patients with advanced liver tumors. 

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