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Exceptional Outcomes for Liver Transplant Patients by Dr. Ramdip Ray Best Hepatologist in Gurgaon

A liver transplant is surgery to remove a damaged or diseased liver and replace it with a healthy donor liver. Preparation for a liver transplant is an extensive process and includes a detailed evaluation, a search for a donor liver, the transplant surgery and a recovery period.  Liver transplant surgical treatment may be a life-saving remedy for people with end-degree liver failure. It is an extensive surgery most often used when other medications and surgical procedures do not work to treat your condition. 

Why choose Dr. Ramdip Ray GI surgery specialist in India?
created on: 05/29/18
When you choose Dr. Ramdip Ray best hepatologist in Artemis hospital Gurgaon for liver transplantation, you will receive care from a nationally recognized surgeon who is experienced transplant surgeon. With a central focus on patients, he provides all aspects of transplant care before, during and long after the procedure. The comprehensive multidisciplinary method to liver diseases has ended in an improved charge of referral of sufferers for consideration for liver transplantation – with success rates in line with the best results achieved in world. H e has extensive experience of doing complex hepatobiliary surgery for both benign and malignant diseases using open and laparoscopic approach. He was the first to use the robotic surgical platform for doing liver resections in India. 

Liver transplant evaluation by Dr. Ramdip Ray famous liver transplant surgeon in Gurgaon
  • He understands that time is valuable when you are facing serious liver disease. He works hard to complete your evaluation in one day, so you can focus on your health.
  • Patient usually receive an evaluation appointment within 2 weeks
  • See all medical providers in a single day, including your, nutritionist and transplant coordinators
  • Complete lab work in 1 day
  • Finish the evaluation day in 4 hours at Artemis hospital Gurgaon, instead of 12 hours or more, like many other transplant programs
  • Meet with the surgeon who will perform your operation
  • If approved, be ready to receive organ offers about 30 days from your initial evaluation
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Dr. Ramdip Ray an expert in liver transplant surgery in India
When you choose Dr. Ramdip Ray best liver transplantat surgeon in Artemis Hospital gurgaon for a liver transplant, you benefit from his experience and a multidisciplinary, collaborative approach that brings you the latest treatment techniques. His outcomes are very good, with most patients returning to a normal lifestyle after transplant. A successful liver transplant starts the moment you walk in the door. He will be thorough in your testing and complete in patient education. He will leave no question unanswered. 

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