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Dr Girinath M R Delivers World-Class Cardiothoracic Care in India



Cardiothoracic surgery is the analysis and treatment (operative and non operative) of patients with problems of structures within the chest including: the heart and vascular system, the lungs and trachea, the oesophagus, the diaphragm and chest wall. It includes the management of trauma and congenital and acquired disorders of these structures.


Dr Girinath M R offers world-class heart surgery experience in India


Dr Girinath M R best cardiac surgeon in India combines experience, surgical skill, and five-star facilities with a team-based, compassionate approach to deliver patient-centered care. He provides the proper approach designed for you, from diagnosis to cardiothoracic surgery to after-care, including cardiac rehabilitation when necessary. He is pretty skilled professionals who've experience in heart and chest surgical treatment, he is board licensed in thoracic surgical operation. Staying abreast of advanced technology allows him to provide you with the appropriate care for your unique heart condition.


Quality cardiac care by Dr Girinath best cardiothoracic surgeon at Apollo Hospital


He provides surgery for a range of cardiac and thoracic conditions affecting the heart, lungs and chest. He is also devoted to excellence in affected person care, clinical and primary studies on diseases affecting his patients and education of the next generation of cardiothoracic surgeons. His undertaking is to provide all of his patients and their families with the highest great and valued care through wonderful surgical results as well as comprehensive and compassionate care, To train the subsequent technology of thoughtful and talented cardiothoracic surgeons, and to improve the knowledge and treatment of cardiac and thoracic disorders through basic, clinical, and health services research. From pediatric heart surgery to adult coronary bypass surgery and transplantation, Dr Girinath M R Cardio Thoracic Surgeon in Chennai provides the highest quality care to his patients. He is so caring and knowledgeable and explained everything to him in detail so he understood the procedures was having. 


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To make an appointment to evaluate your need for a cardiac surgery with Famous Cardio Thoracic surgeon Dr Girinath M R in India, call a patient care representative at +91 - 9765025331 Book Immediate Appointment at Dr. M. R. Girinath Email Address


Access to experienced, specialized cardiothoracic surgeon Dr Girinath M R 


Dr Girinath is recognized as one of the nation’s best, performing hundreds of procedures each year. To ensure the best possible outcome, it’s critical that patients who need surgery to treat heart and chest conditions go to him with his experienced, specialized surgeon. He's one of the country’s leading surgeons, with more than 600 open-coronary heart surgical treatment methods and greater than 500 thoracic techniques performed each year. Because he combines proven diagnostic and treatment approaches with new research-based strategies, his patients receive the finest, most up-to- date care for their conditions. Partnering with multidisciplinary nurses, and other specialists to treat each patient’s individual needs, he performs procedures to correct heart and chest conditions in infants, children, and adults.


Why opt for India cardiac surgery service?


After proper information about your health circumstance, our team advices you names of docs and their expertise. We provide pre-appointments with the doctors shortlisted by you. We additionally assist you book your appointment once you have made your decision and acquire invite letter from the hospital to initiate your travel method. India cardiac surgical treatment service takes care of end-to-end medical tourism offerings for patients the use of our resources. Right from supporting making a decision on the physician on your treatment to present process the remedy, travel, stay and post-operative care, we handle all of it.


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