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More Liver Transplant Surgery Planned in India with Dr. Ramdip Ray


Liver transplantation is the surgical replacement of a diseased liver with a healthy liver graft. Patients who require this operation suffer from end-stage liver disease. This is characterized by reduced liver function, muscle mass loss, fatigue, and encephalopathy, signs of portal hypertension, poor blood clotting and jaundice. A variety of liver diseases can lead to end-stage liver failure. The usual liver transplantation operation takes between 6 to 12 hours. The diseased liver is removed and replaced with the healthy liver.  The quality of life for transplant patients usually improves dramatically and most will lead a healthy, normal life.

Save big by getting your liver transplant surgery with Dr. Ramdip Ray best liver transplant surgeon

created on: 08/29/18

Looking for Liver transplant in India? Dr. Ramdip Ray is one of the most trusted names in the medical industry that you need to reach. And when it comes to getting operated for liver transplant which is life threatening, its success rate with Dr. Ray is 99%. He offers affordable liver transplant surgery at Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon. The cost of Liver transplant surgery by him ranges between USD 38000 to USD 44000. The cost of liver transplantation offered him is one twentieth when compared to USA, UK and other European countries. During his consultation he provides information about different ways to minimize the cost of a successful liver transplant. During his consultation he guides and educates the patient and family members and tells them all that is required for a successful liver transplant at minimum cost. 

World class liver transplant surgery by Dr. Ramdip Ray for international patients in India

There's a long waiting time for liver transplant surgery, so foreigners generally never get living donor liver transplants if they wish to undergo liver transplant with Dr. Ramdip Ray best liver transplant surgeon at Artemis Gurgaon.  For overseas patients, only living donor liver transplants is recommended by Dr. Ray, which requires them to bring a healthful, inclined donor (a close relative or family member only) with them when they come for a transplant. The success rate offered by Dr. Ray for living donor liver transplantation is more than the cadaveric donor liver transplantation. To fix your appointments with top Liver Transplant surgeon in India at Contact Number +91-9371136499, so, patients coming from different part of the world get the liver transplant they’ve been looking for. So, what are you waiting for? Health is important and so is its liver transplant.

Dr. Ramdip Ray specialists for liver transplant surgery in Gurgaon

A consultant at the branch of liver transplant and GI Surgery in Artemis Hospital, Dr. Ramdip Ray best liver transplant surgeon in India has quite a while of rich expert involvement in his field. His territory of intrigue lies in treatment of liver transplant in little children, administration of bile channel wounds. He has treated a few patients experiencing liver issue in India and gives each patient the best of restorative care. He has distributed a few papers in India and abroad and is an individual from prestigious medicinal affiliations. He has faith in advancing wellbeing mindfulness and taking after a sound way of life.

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