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Liver Transplant in India with Dr. Vivek Vij: Cheapest Cost, Great Medical Services



Liver transplant surgical treatment is used to replace a damaged, diseased, or nonfunctional liver. The liver is a crucial organ in the body involved in the digestive technique, cleansing procedure, and more. In the liver transplant surgical procedure, the patient is placed under standard anesthesia. Liver transplant is first-class advisable when someone suffers from the liver failure. This ailment can doubtlessly get rid of person’s life. However, the liver transplant can save the affected person’s life. The surgical treatment entails the procedure of taking a healthy liver from the donor. Then the liver is implanted into the recipient’s body in location of the damaged liver. Then the liver is implanted into the recipient’s body in place of the damaged liver.

Why choose Dr. Vivek Vij top hepatologist in Noida India for your liver transplant?

created on: 10/30/18

Dr. Vivek Vij top liver transplant surgeon in Fortis Hospital Noida helps to manage liver disease, at times prolonging or even eliminating the need for transplant. He applies the latest surgical techniques including laparoscopic liver resection and transplant, cadaveric or split-liver transplantation, when appropriate. With best liver transplant surgeon in India wait times is among the lowest in the country and nearly three times faster than other transplant surgeon in the world. He will work together to assess your best course of treatment. That will involve the introduction of a coordinated plan, evaluating the disease and designing a personalized treatment plan steady with the best standards of care.  Foreign nationals with liver diseases travel to India to seek the most advanced and endoscopic facilities with him. The contemporary technology, high quality services are the key takeaways. He offers latest infrastructure, best counseling and reasonable treatment cost.

Connect with Dr. Vivek Vij for liver transplant surgery in India

It is important for end-stage liver disease patients to seek and undergo treatment under the guidance of a highly experienced surgeon. Dr. Vivek Vij is one of the best liver transplant surgeons in India with 20 years of vast experience. He is currently associated with fortis Hospital Noida and is been contributing in the field of liver transplants since years. He is globally renowned liver transplant surgeon as the most experienced and skilled surgeon in the world who is qualified in the best medical institutions in the world. Liver transplant cost with him is estimated to be less than half of what it costs in the western countries. Within the western world, a liver transplant is one of the most expensive medical procedures. This is the reason why many patients from abroad prefer to travel to India to undergo this procedure with Dr. Vivek Vij top Hepatologist in Noida India. The difference in the cost is huge regardless of the quality of services offered at both the location is almost the same.

Liver for life with Dr. Vivek Vij top hepatologist in Noida India

Dr. Vivek Vij top hepatologist in Noida India offers the diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases and liver disease at Fortis Hospital Noida. He provides the finest liver disease treatment in India with the latest medical equipments that you can rely on with the well-trained staffs of Fortis Hospital Noida. He has many successes to its credit, including liver transplant surgery in India for the youngest child and the first combined liver-kidney transplant in India. To consult Dr. Vivek Vij at Fortis Hospital Noida get appointment at email id: 

Benefits of choosing Forerunners healthcare consultant

Forerunners healthcare consultant – A medical provider company in India guides you with the latest changes made in the health care sector. We follow a transparent process for the patients and that’s why we have a clear edge over all the other medical providers in India. To save cost, time and hardships, it's far vital for a foreign patient or domestic patient visiting for treatment to plan it earlier. The core of forerunners healthcare consultant as a healthcare solution provider is to ease the medical journey of the patients with personal care throughout their medical travel and to make sure that they get their successful remedy and recovery!

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