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India proffers dignified and superlative hospice services for Robotic Surgery

With the elevation and advancement in technical know-how, hospice facilities worldwide are now offering its services for Robotic Surgery. Robotic surgery is also known as computer-assisted surgery or robotic-assisted surgery. The primary motto behind the innovation of this surgical technique was to overcome the limitations of minimal-invasive surgery and this further add on to the capability of the surgeon and associated team to perform surgery without any difficulty. To elaborate more on the aspects of robotic surgery, it is essential to understand as how this method has proven to be a boon in the field of medicine. It is a method in which small or tiny tools are attached to the arms of the robot to perform the surgery by making small-incisions.

Robotic Surgery doesn’t imply that the robot performs the surgery, instead it means that the surgeon controls the arms of the robot with the help of computer thus it becomes robotic-assisted surgery. Surgeons worldwide are now adopting this latest technique to perform various intricate surgical procedures as this method provides them with greater visualization, greater precision, enhanced dexterity and many other benefits which make the overall process for them easy and convenient. Robotic Surgery is not only beneficial for the surgeon and medical team but is it also fruitful for the patient and their family when compared with conventional methods of surgery. Some benefits to the patient are:

·         Shorter duration of stay at hospital

·         Faster recovery and return of patient to normal routine activities

·         Reduced pain, trauma and discomfort

·         Reduced risk of infection as small incisions are made

·         Reduced loss of blood and transfusion

The division of Robotic Surgery center in India has expertise and skills to execute surgery by adopting latest surgical technique and attain greater parity of outcome to overseas patient. Indian hospitals are backed by the support of well-qualified surgeons and administrative staff which provides immense support to the patient before, during and after the surgery hereby assisting in faster recovery. Compassionate support and assistance is provided by healthcare professionals at highly-economic cost to overseas patients.

Dheeraj Bojwani Medical Tourism Consultants is a group of healthcare professionals who believe in assisting overseas patient and their family at each and every stage of their medical treatment in India. The clinical team makes all the arrangements for the patient i.e. hospital stay, accommodation, travel, food etc at remarkably-less cost in India and at par with international standards have made India the most favored medical hub worldwide.

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