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Anterior Cervical Decompression and Spine Fusion Procedure in best spine hospitals of India

Topic Overview
Spinal issues leading to back pain is among the common issues being faced by men and women all across the world. Many of these issues tend to settle down with non surgical options, however, certain percentage people suffering from back pain are required to go for different surgical options depending upon the kind of problems you face. The cervical decompression and spine fusion surgery is carried out with the patients in the supine position under general anaesthesia. India is among the top few countries, wherein the access of high quality anterior cervical decompression and spine fusion procedure are found with par quality. Thanks to the high end healthcare infrastructure backed by the best of the human resources that cater high quality Anterior Cervical Decompression and Spine Fusion Procedure in India. Let’s dig in deep into this surgery as under:

Anterior Cervical Decompression and Fusion Operation
The spine surgeon often employs either the surgical loupes or operating microscope in order to give the magnification and the illumination as the surgery is seen progressing. Though the dural sac is seen in the process of compression, the spinal cord and nerve roots are not directly seen. The surgery starts with either the transverse or longitudinal incision over the lower areas of patient’s neck. The underlying musculature of the neck is then carefully dissected, which further allow the surgeon to expose cervical spine front area by retracting the trachea and esophagus towards the midline and the carotid artery and the relevant structures to the side. The muscles and the membranes that are seen overlying the anterior cervical spine are simply dissected along with the retractors that are placed in order to secure the soft tissues of patient’s neck as the surgery progresses. 

Potential Risks and Complications of ACDF Surgery
Unlike any other surgery, the anterior cervical decompression and spine fusion procedure too has a couple of risks and complications. Some of these are indicated as under:
  •        Hemorrhage or the wound hematoma formation
  •          Carotid or vertebral artery damages resulting in to a stroke or even the excessive amount of bleeding and even death
  •          Recurrent laryngeal nerve damages that lead to hoarseness
  •          Superior laryngeal nerve damages that lead to swallowing disturbance
  •          Esophagus or trachea damages that result into infection
  •          Dura damages that lead to the cerebrospinal fluid leakage or cerebral spinal fluid pocket that is found beneath the incision
  •          A number of mechanical complications pertaining to graft and plate like the graft migration, plate breakage or screw pullout to name a few.
  •          Infection in wounds
  •          Painful pseudoarthrosis development that bring in adequate fusion
  •          Spinal cord or nerve root(s) damages that lead to issues pain, fatigue, weakness, loss of sensation, paralysis, and loss of bowel, impaired sexual function and bladder function.
ACDF Surgery Postoperative Care
After the ACDF surgery, a majority of patients are seen returning to home the very same or next day, hence the recovery is basically at home. The initial stage of recovery focuses more on pain control generally with the help of narcotic pain medications and exercises like walking. The patient will usually start walking the very same day or surgery simply to promote the healing and thus prevent a number of potential complications. Around a week, with the help of narcotic pain reliever, the patient is seen gradually to the non narcotic pain medication.

Why choose spine hospitals of India for ACDF Surgery?
India is among the top healthcare destinations, which cater top class ACDF surgical procedures. The global patients with these issues fly to India for these surgical procedures especially from the western nations and other countries as well. Indian Spine hospitals are highly competitive in terms of state of art facilities. The highly competitive and skilled human resources contribute a lot in fixing the back issues with care and professionalism, which together make India the most preferred destination for one and all.

Why Choose spine surgeon in India for surgery

There are many reasons to rely on Top spine surgeons of India for ACDF surgery. They are highly qualified from some of the best hospitals and medical institutions from western nations like US, UK, Europe and other nations all across the world. These doctors are proficient in English language, which makes the communication easy with the global patients helping them to receive the best treatment. 

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