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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is meraMD's Doctor Community ?

This is a place only for medical practitioners. This is a online community where you can discuss almost anything related to medical profession. You can exchange notes, take/give advice, consult doctors across India, get in touch with old friends/collegues etc.

How can I register and be a member of

You can register at meraMD here.

I am not a doctor & doesn't work for hospital/clinic - can I register for

No. We currently allow only doctors and hospitals/clinics to register. This is because all general services like searching for doctors/hospitals, medical tools, etc do not require you to register.

I have a private practice/clinic. Should I register as doctor or a clinic?

We recommend that you register by chossing "hospital/clinic" on the signup page with your clinic name as this is the name that we will submit to search engines. You can also register as a doctor but you will need to use a different email id for registration as we allow only one registration per email id.

What are the features available for doctors?

Our signup page has more details on the advantages, but very briefly, we help in getting you more patients as people search online for doctors for their contact details. By signing up, you can make your online profile that we submit to various popular search engines on your behalf. You can participate in your community discussions and benefit from the experience of others.

What are the features available for hospitals/clinics?

Hospitals and Clinics can manage their profiles online and they can also list the doctors in their various departments. This helps in creating a unique doctor-hospital linkage that can help you publish your details online to help attract more patients.

How do I know that meraMD members are really doctors?

We will contact you directly and cross check the details with other databases once you register with us.

How will I benefit by participating in meraMD doctor's forum?

Meramd forums are a place for professional discussions for the medical community. You can benefit by

  1. - learning from the medical discussions in general
  2. - ensure a pride of place in your community by being the most knowledgeable
  3. - help your collegues and your community with special and rare cases
  4. - discuss the efficacy of new medicines and clinical trials
  5. - publish your research work online for comments

What is the screen name?

A screen name helps you hide your real name from the users on the medical forums. This can help you remain anonymous on the forums if you so desire. Note that screen name cannot be changed in future. Also note that in your advanced profile, your real name will be displayed.

How is my advanced profile maintained separately from my identity in forums?

Your advanced profile is to help you get more patients through Your identity on the forums is limited to discussion groups only. ensures that there is no link between the two identities, as long as you keep your screen name different from your real name.

What can I do as a member of meraMD?

You can participate in forum discussions, maintain your online profile and get to know about the recommendations that you receive from the patients.

How is the forums information used by meraMD?

Your information is not shared with anyone. For more details please see our privacy policy here

What are meraMD charges? provides free search for doctors, hospitals and clinics. Most of our services like profiles, forums etc are also free. We provide premium services like premium profiles at a resonable cost per year. Please click here for details.

What are recent posts?

The latest content added by doctors are shown as recent posts. This allows you see the latest activity as you login to meraMD.

Can I create a new forum?

Forums are created on request by admin. Please send us a request at customercare (at) meramd (dot) com if you want us to add any new forums.

Can I add a new topic?

Yes, you can add a new topic once you are logged on.

Can I add a new post?

Yes, you can add a new post to any forum/topic once you are logged on.

What is the process of submitting a recommendation?

Recommendations can only be submitted for doctors and hospitals that are there in our online directory. Please search for the doctor/hospital online and you will see a "Recommed the doctor" or "Recommend the hospital" tab on the profile page. Please add some basic details and the recommendation and click on submit button.

Why do I need to provide my email while submitting a recommendation? Will meraMD make my email public?

The email id will not be made public, except to the doctor/hospital for whom the recommendation is given. The email id will never be made viewable to any visitors.

Will doctor/hospital get a notice when a recommendation is received?

We will send you a notification to doctor/hospital registered email id when a recommendation is recieved.

Do you actually review recommendations before making them live?

Yes. We always do. You can try it out!

What do you review the recommendations for?

We may reject recommendations that

  • - Use offensive, insulting or abusive language
  • - Do not have enough information provided in comments
  • - Are not relevant as a recommendation (e.g. query / unsolicited advertising / etc.)
  • - Are duplicate (one person submitting multiple recommendations for a doctor/hospital)

Why is recommendation submitted by me is not live till now?

We usually make your recommendation live within 1 business day. You will receive a notification email if we reject your recommendation and also when we make your recommendation live.

Why have you registered my recommendation as complaint?

You may be notified that your recommedation is registered as a complaint. This means that though we have not rejected your recommendation, we have not made it live either and only notified the concerned doctor/hospital about your grievance.

Why have you rejected my recommendation submitted by me?

We may reject recommendations that

  • - Use offensive, insulting or abusive language
  • - Do not have enough information provided in comments
  • - Are not relevant as a recommendation (e.g. query / unsolicited advertising / etc.)
  • - Are duplicate (one person submitting multiple recommendations for a doctor/hospital)

What do you do with the rating I submit as part of recommendation?

We use the rating for for internal ranking and display of search results. We currently do not show the ratings online.

What is ranking and where is it used on meraMD?

We currently do not display any rating information anywhere.

What Are "Tags"?

Tags are one-word descriptors that you can assign to your blogs, pictures, and clippings.

Tags are a keywords you choose to help organize your stuff on this site. You can assign as many tags as you like and rename or delete them later.

How do I embed images and flash using the rich text editor?

You can add images or flash media to your profile and your blog posts by using the image and media buttons on the rich text editor.

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