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The organ transplant in India is nothing but the process of removal of any healthy organ from any live and properly functioning living cell/ tissue from the body of dead or live person in order to replace the one which are diseased or have some abnormal tissues of the patient. In plain terms, the organ transplant surgery simply works in terms of the non-functioning organ that the healthy and living organ from the dead or alive donor is given to the patient suffering from the diseased organ. In Indian hospitals you can find the Organ Transplant Cost in India at much of the affordable cost.


Top hospital for organ transplant

When it comes to the organ transplant in India there are several types of organ transplant surgeries. These include for the Kidney transplant, Liver transplant, Bone marrow transplant, Gall bladder transplant and Pancreas transplant. These are regarded as the common one that are carried out with affordable organ transplant cost in India. Some of the top hospitals dealing with the organ transplant in India include Fortis, Artemis Hospital, Medanta The Medicity hospital, Apollo Hospital, Manipal Hospital, JJ Hospital, Kokilaben Hospital, Breach Candy Hospital and Max Healthcare hospital. These hospitals are given the best of the healthcare services with highly competitive facilities and features. 

Experienced and best  surgeon 

When it comes to the Organ Transplant in India there is no dearth to the top organ specialists and doctors. These doctors and surgeons have great expertise and experience in dealing with a wide range of healthcare services. Now, when we see them have good and high end degrees to give them a best exposure along with the best of exposure working both in India and abroad with top hospitals and clinics, which are backed with state of art facilities. There are several names of the surgeons that can be included here, which you can easily find out with a simple Google Search. This is the reason why more and more global patients are heading to India for the best of the healthcare services seeking the help of competent doctors and surgeons and the best part is the Organ Transplant Cost in India. 

Organ Transplant Cost in India

When it comes to the organ transplant cost in India, it is often called as the most affordable bet for the global patients. This is because India has been traditionally affordable place for the global patients which is primarily due to the high currency difference. Hence if you compare the cost of organ transplant surgery like liver transplant surgery in India with the US it comes to around 10,000 USD for Indian hospitals while the same can be carried out at the cost of 55,000 USD in the US and in the UK it goes to around 65,000 USD such is the cost difference. 

Success Rate of Organ Transplant surgery

The success rate of the organ transplant India or any other place depends upon a number of factors which include the quality of healthcare services delivered by the doctor and the hospital. Hence if you are considering an experienced doctor and surgeon then you are likely to get the best of the results, which are hard to get at any other place. As per reports, the success rate of organ transplant India is around 95 percent which is a competitive figure in all the sense. This attracts the global patient as they get high results with affordable Organ Transplant Cost in India. 

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