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Kidney Transplant in India helping Patients from the remotest corners of the Globe

Getting rid of a health issue or a medical condition is not always so easy. There are health conditions, which get cured easily but with some conditions, the treatment required is a very detailed and surgical one. More specifically, when it comes to crucial body organs like Kidney, it is very important that the associated disorder is addressed at the earliest. What makes our Kidneys so very crucial is the fact they flush out the waste from our body and filter approximately 45 gallons of blood each day. Any kind of obstruction in this process can lead to unnecessary accumulation of fluids and waste, which can lead to High Blood Pressure and many other problems and ultimately Kidney failure. Dialysis surely is an effective option for many but there are side effects of this treatment, which can affect the other organs in the long run.

created on: 06/13/18

The reasons why Kidney Transplant is considered as the most effectual and long-lasting relief for patients with end-stage Kidney Failure, are:

The patients get a much improved quality of life

They don’t have to undergo long sessions of Dialysis

More energetic life

Not much diet related restrictions

Reduced health problems when compared to patients on Dialysis

The average life expectancy increases

But there are patients from many countries around the world, who do not have access to advanced surgeries like Kidney Transplant. So what do they do when they need one? India can be the rescuer for them as Kidney Transplant in India is one of the very successful transplant procedures. While in India, India Organ Transplant can be of extraordinary assistance to these patients. We are a very well developed group of transplant surgeons and also have world-renowned hospitals as a part of our network. There are many examples where international patients have undergone a successful transplant with us and gone back to their respective countries with a fresh lease of life.

Patient Story

One of our accomplishments is the case of Ambrose from Tanzania, who was leading an extremely happy and active life, when Hypertension caused his kidneys to malfunction and ultimately failure. He and his family tried to work out some options but there came a point when the doctors suggested that getting a Kidney Transplant is the best treatment option. Despite of trying very hard, Ambrose’s family could not find a reasonably priced transplant venue. One of his acquaintances suggested them about India Organ Transplant in India, about whom they had read online. Ambrose did some research about this group and found the services very patient-friendly and sensibly priced. 

created on: 06/13/18

“Once convinced, I sent across my queries and was very happy to get a quick reply from the representative. They even arranged for an online consultation during which the doctor counselled me about the whole procedure. It was a very transparent approach and thus I decided to go ahead with India Organ Transplant. They arranged for my medical visa, flights, accommodation for me and my medical tour companion. We were even picked up from the airport. Not only this, we did not even have to worry about getting the appointment, as all the coordination part was handled by the representative from India Organ Transplant.”

 We made sure that Ambrose’s surgery was planned at one of the top hospitals of India. Further, the surgical team had some of the most experienced members of that particular hospital. Ambrose underwent a Deceased Donor Kidney Transplant, which was a huge success. The surgeons ascertained that Ambrose has a smooth recovery and that he did not face any post-transplant complications. The step-by-step recovery was handled extremely adeptly by the hospital staff and once Ambrose was allowed to travel, he travelled back to Tanzania. 

For Ambrose, Kidney Transplant in India has been one of the most rewarding decisions. “I am immensely grateful to the team of India Organ Transplant for making it so fruitful. Much credit goes to the skills of the surgeon and also to the supreme pre and post surgery care taken by the nursing staff of the hospital that I am back on my feet and leading an active routine.” 

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