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Ideas for enhancing visibility and lead generation for medical clinics


created on: 04/15/14

Being a doctor, you have recently started your practise at your own clinic and have got some patients. Biggest challenge for doctors with new clinics is to attract patients. Doctors needs to start thinking like young entrepreners and should follow various marketing strategies that are followed by young enterpreneours to attract customers by planning a go to market and scalable lead generation strategy.

Any good marketing strategy needs to have Inbound and Outbound component. Inbound is about helping potential patients find you on the net and Outbound is to proactively search for patients and inform them about what you have to offer. No go-to-market plan is complete without a good mix of both strategies. 

Inbound route is easy and many doctors just follow this plan. Outbound strategy means that patient should read about doctor at various places and build a mind share. 

Following should be implemented by clinics for lead generation - 

1. website: this helps in inbound marketing. It should be easy for a patient who is search for you to find your contact numbers and details.

2. Content: Publish medical content on various medical sites, create a feed your own blog. Enhance readership of your blog. Build mind share by participating in various online forums by helping and answering queries related to your area of work.

3. social Media: Social media is a very good tool to establish "word of mouth" marketing. Having a facebook page for your clinic. Ensure that everytime a patient likes your page everytime he is happy with your service. Facebook likes is the cheapest and most targetted way of reaching out to targetted audience. Each facebook like by your patient is automatically added to news feed for 100s of your patients friends.

4. Establish a relationship with patient using technology - Physicians looking to better manage the care of patients age 18-35 should turn to technology to connect with this often elusive patient population. These patients are likely or very likely to use email/SMS communication with their doctor, which could help practices develop long-term patient relationships early. Sending out medical health-tips and alerts to patients will enhance mind-share, word of mouth and viral marketing for clinics.

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