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PSRI is among the top 10 best hospital in Delhi. It is laced with the advanced techniques, equipments and tools to provide top class treatment to the people

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The kidneys, tasked with maintaining normal fluid and electrolyte balance in our bodies, are a vital organ of the human body. The study of the kidneys and related diseases falls under the speciality of internal medicine known as nephrology. Nephrology deals with the pediatric study of kidney diseases, including their treatment, progression, development and prevention. A physician who studies and deals with nephrology is known as a nephrologist. How do kidneys get affected? Needless to...
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The electrical system of the human heart controls the rate (i.e. the number of times the heart beats in one minute) and rhythm (i.e. the pattern of regular or irregular pulses produced as the heart beats) of heartbeats. A heart block is a name given to a problem that occurs in the heart’s electrical system. There are different types of heart blocks and the treatment for each depends on its type. For example, a first-degree...
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