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Problems in Urinary Tract? Must See A Good Urologist

The branch of medicine dealing with the study of the diseases of the male and female urinary-tract system which includes the kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra is known as urology. Besides, urology also deals with the male reproductive organs i.e. penis, testes, scrotum, prostate, etc.

A specialist dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the urinary tract in males and females is known as a urologist. A urologist also deals with anything that involves the male reproductive tract. In males, urologists treat cancers of the bladder, testicles, kidneys, penis and adrenal and prostate glands. They also treat erectile dysfunction, interstitial cystitis, kidney diseases, infertility, kidney stones, prostatitis, urinary tract infections (UTIs), varicoceles (i.e. enlarged veins in the scrotum) etc. On the other hand, in females, urologists treat cancers of the bladder, kidneys, and adrenal glands. They also treat bladder prolapse, kidney stones, interstitial cystitis, overactive bladder, UTIs and urinary incontinence.

Mild urinary problems such as UTI can always be treated by a primary care doctor, however, in case the primary care doctor’s treatment doesn’t seem to improve the conditions, the patient must see a urologist.

Where to look for the best urology treatment?

Since Delhi is the national capital and a metropolitan city, therefore, it is renowned for having a number of world-class medical facilities and hospitals that are known to successfully treat a number of diseases, disorders and ailments. A person suffering from problems related to the urinary tract must seek urology treatment at the earliest.

PSRI Hospital is known to be a world-class hospital that offers the best urology treatment in Delhi. Here, the urologists, first of all, diagnose the condition of the patient using advanced imaging techniques such as CT scan, MRI scan or ultrasound. If it is required, a cystoscopy, post-void residual urine test or a cystogram, may also be carried out. If the urologist feels the need for a surgery, he may conduct the same. Housing state-of-the-art equipment and facilities and having experts and specialists who successfully conduct a number of urological surgeries, PSRI Hospital provides the best urology treatment in Delhi.

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