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Liver – A Very Important Organ Performs Numerous Functions

Since the liver performs many functions in the human body, it is, therefore, considered to be a vital organ. First of all, it produces and secretes a fluid known as bile which contains bile acids that help in the digestion and intestinal absorption of fats and the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K. Secondly, the liver also manufactures essential proteins. Thirdly, the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates is also carried out by the liver. Additionally, it detoxifies alcohol, certain drugs and environmental toxins from our body and last, but not the least, it also eliminates harmful biochemical waste products from our bodies.

Know these important points with regard to a liver transplant surgery

Some points ought to be clearly understood if a liver transplant is required to be done on a liver patient. A liver donor typically donates all or part of his/her liver to the waiting patient who needs it. People who have died and wish to donate their organs are most commonly liver donors. However, there are some people who donate part of their liver to another person while living. An orthotopic liver transplantation is the most common method used to transplant livers wherein the failed liver is removed from the patient's body and a healthy donor liver is transplanted into the same location. These days, however, the living donor transplant procedure in which a healthy person donates part of his or her liver to the recipient is becoming more and more successful. The reason is that it helps to avoid long waiting times due to a shortage of liver donors.

Visit the best hospital for a liver transplant surgery

Fatigue,jaundice, swelling and bleeding or easy bruising are the symptoms related to a liver disease. A liver transplant surgery is the best option to fully treat a liver disease. Since a liver transplant surgery in Delhi costs less and Delhi has all the modern amenities, therefore, getting a liver transplant surgery in Delhi done is the most viable option. PSRI Hospital is the best hospital for a liver transplant surgery in Delhi as it has all modern world-class diagnostic and surgical instruments and equipment.

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