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Combating Prostate Cancer - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


Cancer is manifested because of unregulated growth of cells in an abnormal manner. This abnormal cell growth turns into malignant tumours that invade into a body and attack surrounding tissues and organs. Cancer can affect any body part or tissue in our body. Prostate cancer is the situation where the cells in prostate gland have started growing abnormally because of adenocarcinoma, thus causing benign neoplastic called prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia. In the advanced stage, this asymptotic metastasises to turn into a full-grown prostate cancer, for which you will need the best hospital for prostate cancer treatment .

Treatment Option

It is only through an early diagnosis that one can guarantee you a successful recovery. Prostate cancer can be reversed with various procedures that can curb this disease. Prostate cancer treatment hospital can help you live a healthy life by finding the best possible treatment.

Among various treatment methods, some of these are-


  1.   Prostatectomy
  2.   Radiotherapy
  3.  Brachytherapy
  4.   Chemotherapy
  5.  3D prostate cancer Treatment

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Latest technology- 3D Prostate cancer treatment

This is a very latest boon of medical science and is available in only some of the best hospitals of the world. This is a non-evasive treatment for cancer wherein the cancer cells are targeted and completely eliminated from the roots, giving a chance to patients to live a normal and healthy life. it is claimed that 3-D prostate cancer treatment can eliminate the disease without giving it a chance of reoccurrence, unlike in other procedures.

The process begins by first marking the tumour cells and pointing out the damaged cancer cells through Trans-Rectal Ultrasound and DRE. Thereafter, the 3D injection technique helps in administrating anticancer drug and killing the cancer cells. In the third step, the toxic and accumulated necrotic cells are destroyed. Herbal drugs help in the recovery of the patients after this treatment is over.


The only way a doctor can help you is by recognizing the disease early through proper diagnosis. Regular check-ups must be done in men above 40 years of age because prostate cancer occurs in men of older age. PSRI Hospital is the best hospital for prostate cancer treatment in Delhi if you are looking for one.


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