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created on: 01/07/16


Of late, Medical Tourism in India has embarked with a new boom giving the local market a good boost from the medical tourists coming far and wide. The global patients find the healthcare solutions to be among the most competitive in terms of quality and cost. This has increased the influx of medical tourists coming far and wide from different continents and nations to India. This has projected the figure of 2.5 percent in terms of increment in total turnover every year in the market of medical tourism. By this year end, Indian medical tourism is likely to fetch a figure of 4 billion dollars attracting around 10 million patients all across the world. This has given birth to a number of medical tourism company in India, which leave no stone unturned to expedite a number of medical treatments and surgeries in India for global patients.

created on: 01/07/16

Why the surge in Medical Tourism in India?

The reasons for the surge in the trend of medical tourism in India are obvious. The global patients are known get high quality medical treatments and healthcare solutions only at affordable cost, which make all the difference for the medical tourists. The contemporary and high end infrastructure of Indian hospitals is known to cater nothing but the best to the global patients coming from different nations. In fact, the same quality of medical treatments and surgeries in the US and the UK are known to have steep costs for the healthcare solutions. Now talking about India, the Medical tourism are highly competitive wherein the cost can go low up to 70 percent. Medical tourism companies have smarter role to play in terms of expediting the entire medical treatments for the global patients keeping abreast the other arrangements needed to be checked for the medical tourists.

created on: 01/07/16

High end care in India

The medical tourism in India is known to govern with the attributes of compassion and professionalism. India is a country, which is known to consider the guests to be a form of god and so are the people who are customers. The medical tourists who come long way to India are both the guests and customers of the hospitals, which certainly make them to be god. The medical tourism company works on this tradition of India and ensure to give some of the best services to the patients coming far and wide. The company takes care of not just the bigger issues like accommodation, visa assistance, hospital stay, appointments with doctors and other healthcare professionals, arranging the medical tests and diagnosis, local travel and others. 

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