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Health Care Packages - Wellness Programs by Vama Centre for Women

Big changes are underway for women’s healthcare in Surat Smart City.Under the leadership of Dr.Rupal Shah, a well-experienced team of all women doctors has come together to provide complete women's health care exclusively under one roof.Dr Rupal shah, Obstetrician, Gynaecologist & Fertility Specialist of Rupal Hospital and Blossom Fertility Centre has opened new wellness centre for women run by women. A warm welcome to the first of its kind an exclusive women's wellness centre in Gujarat – VAMA Wellness Centre for Women.

VAMA Wellness Center for Women - A leader in women’s healthcare. The center provides a spectrum of services – from diagnostic to therapeutic, from prevention to rehabilitation all under one roof. Providing Health & Wellness services with specialised Health Care Packages for Multiple Diagnostic that helps in treating even the most complex cases

Vama wellness centre is first of its kind in Surat in South Gujarat where everything is managed by women for women. VAMA offers a wide variety of Health & Wellness services that helps in treating even the most complex cases. All treatments relating to females are available under one roof. It is situated in the heart of Surat city at Parle Point. VAMA Women Wellness makes every women’s care a priority. It provides a place where women can come and be cared for at the very highest standards. The services at Vama have been developed specifically to bring confidence, comfort, and peace of mind to the physical and mental welfare of women.

Vama provides healthcare of international standards through a team of qualified professionals and at a cost affordable to the community. The team of medical professionals are highly trained to serve patients need.

VAMA Wellness Centre for Women aims to offer comprehensive, integrated and multi-disciplinary care for women by bringing together a unique team of all female doctors, as well as diagnostic facilities related to women's health as a one-stop solution to their various concerns. This will be an exclusive health centre for women from teenage to menopause and beyond. They look forward to care for their patients.

At VAMA their Vision and mission is to provide the best in women's health care. The goal is to provide comprehensive & best quality Women Health Care with the warmth and world-class quality experience. VAMA Wellness Centre for Women is dedicated to caring for women's health throughout their life. They aim to improve women's physical and mental well-being by promoting and providing access to all kinds of health services and diagnostic tests, counselling for a healthy lifestyle, and psychological support - all under one roof. They deliver a unique women-centred approach to health and well-being to empower women from all age groups from menarche to menopause and beyond.

The values of vama are sensitivity, integrity, and knowledge. They believe these elements are essential in providing patients with quality care. Latest modern medical techniques are engaged in comprehensive women's private Wellness and health care.

Services offered are one of the first of its kind in the Smart City of Surat, Gujarat. VAMA offers following wide variety of Health & Wellness services that helps in treating even the most complex cases.

1. Adolescent Health
2. Antenatal
3. Breast Health Care
4. Cervical Health Care
5. Diet Care
6. Fertility Care
7. Fitness and Physio Care
8. General Medical Care
9. Gynaecology and Obstetrics
10.High-risk Pregnancy
11.Mental Health Care
12.Midlife and Menopause Care
13.Sono Care and Fetal Care

The Centre has been designed specifically to meet the needs of women while providing a high level of comfort in a calm and relaxed environment. VAMA Wellness Centre For Women combines everything from private out-patient consultations to complementary therapies & treatments like IVF.

"The best time to go for preventive health care checkup is when you just don't need one"

A Preventive Health Checkup aims to identify and minimize risk factors in addition to detecting illnesses at an early stage. Research all over the globe has proven that it is more economical, not to mention far less distressing, to invest in an annual Preventive Health Checkup rather than visiting a hospital only when an emergency strikes.

Women's Health Preventive health care - All Women should visit their health care provider from time to time, even when they are healthy. The purpose of these visits is to:

    Screen for diseases, such as high blood pressure or diabetes
    Look for future disease risks, such as high cholesterol and obesity
    Encourage a healthy lifestyle, such as healthy eating and exercise
    Update vaccinations
    Maintain a relationship with your provider in case of illness
    Discuss medicines or supplements that you are taking

WHY PREVENTIVE HEALTH CARE IS IMPORTANT - Even if you feel fine, you should still see your provider for regular checkups. These visits can help you avoid problems in the future. For example, the only way to find out if you have high blood pressure is to have it checked regularly. High blood sugar and high cholesterol levels also may not have any symptoms in the early stages. A simple blood test can check for these conditions.

VAMA Provides diffrent Women's Health Care Packages for all age groups of womens.

A.Teen Package
Vama Wellness Center for Women offers a comprehensive health check for Teen girls between the ages 9 to 19 that helps address various health problems.
Here are a few health checks for teens that you must consider.

1.Healthy "Teen" Package Without(Vaccination)
2.Healthy "Teen" Package With (Vaccination)
3.Teen PCOD / Obesity Package

B.Pre-Marital "Wife to be" Package
Pre-marital testing is a set of comprehensive medical tests and consultations that can ensure better medical compatibility between partners. For a women considering marriage, pre-marital screening helps identify her own potential health problems and risks for her future offspring. Our Premarital counseling sessions can help ensure that you and your partner have a strong and healthy relationship, giving you a better chance for a stable and satisfying marriage.

C.Pre Pregnancy Health Package
Yes, It's worth visiting your doctor before you become pregnant. Giving your baby the best start in life means getting your own health sorted well before you become pregnant.
Get a preconception checkup even if you've already had a baby. Your health may have changed since you were last pregnant. A preconception checkup is especially important if you've already had a premature baby, a baby with a birth defect, a miscarriage or stillbirth.

D.Women’s Health Plus Packages
All esteemed female guests of any age can opt for our various “Healthy SHE” packages for a comprehensive check-up
to detect any anomalies that can occur during this period at VAMA.

1.Healthy She –“Dashing” - Package(for < 35 women)
2.Healthy She-“Dynamic” - package(for >35 to < 50 years women)
3.Healthy She-“Devine” - Package(for > 50 years women)

E.Fit She fitness packages
VAMA PHYSIOTHERAPY AND FITNESS CENTRE offers a variety of fitness packages to meet your personal training needs.
Our expert physiotherapists and fitness trainers and dietitians will make you really, truly fit.

1.Fitness Packages for all
2.Post Natal Fitness Packages
3.Mumma's Fitness Packages

With their extensive medical experience & expertise to your advantage, they can understand woman problems, mindset and her concerns at all stages of life. From Paediatric to adolescent problems of young girls to menstrual disorders to obesity to pregnancy and infertility to menopause to other chronic illness are all part of growing up and part of Journey to womanhood.

Vama addresses all problems of women and provide a medical care with the warmth and more prompt responsiveness to woman care. Whatever may be the concern, Vama wellness Centre is there to help every female.

Do make an appointment for your Health Check today at Vama Wellness Centre for Women on their visit at follow them on face book at and YouTube at & Instagram at

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Vama Wellness Centre for Women - A leader in women’s healthcare
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